5 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic For Sure

5 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic For Sure

Every website owner is interested how to increase website traffic. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, SEO optimization, but there are also other (equally effective!) methods and techniques.

1. Social networks

Social networks are the great traffic source. If your website is ready and working register accounts an different social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and post some valuable information there regularly (news about your business, special offers, information about your products and services).

Downloading video and presentations on YouTube and Slideshare is the other way of socialization that you should not neglect. Keep all options open and customers will not pass your website. Open new paths to your website and attract new (and definitely active) visitors!

2. Mailing

Gently remind your customers about yourself. There is no need to impose them your services in every email, it is better to inform them about company news or include some useful information in the text of the letter.

3. Cooperating with bloggers

Website owners and bloggers cooperation can be very productive. If you are offered to write an article for the blog similar to your topic do not pass up this opportunity. In the text of the articleyou may leave a link to your website. Be calm: if you write a really worthwhile text, readers will visit your website.

4. Press releases

Keep in touch with the journalists: many media agree to publish materials if you give them really valuable news. The mass media may be interested in launch of a new product, social initiatives and similar topics. Your goal is to make the media to talk about you!

5. Paid search

If you need to generate the traffic in a short time and you only start promoting your website, we advice you to use Google AdWords. Remember, much depends on the budget of your company: if it is not strongly limited, you will get a lot of visitors. Pay attention, you need a basic experience in the Internet marketing to make a successful campaign.

Check what your competitors are doing to increase the popularity of their websites: 9 Website Competitive Analysis Tools.


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