6 Amazing Success Stories About Self-Made Teenage Millionaires

6 Amazing Success Stories About Self-Made Teenage Millionaires

It is difficult to earn your first million. Someone may think it is impossible but we are going to tell you 6 successful stories about teenagers who became millionaires! They became reach working in the Internet.
1. Nick D’Aloisio is one of the richest teenagers in the world. Being 15 y.o. he created Summly App and earned $30 million when sold it to Yahoo!
2. Robert Ney became rich at the age 14 y.o. He created a Bubble Ball game and this app was downloaded 16 million times by the users all over the world. The boy got $2 million and got a job in prestigious IT company.
3. Geoff, Dave and Catherine Cook created a social media My Yearbook, because their family moved to another city and children missed their friends a lot. My Yearbook did not get so much popularity like Facebook (for example), but the guys sold it for $100 million 6 years later!
4. Adam Hildred found several social medias, too. The first was called Dubit, the second — Crisp. The main idea of these medias is to protect children from the negative influence of the Internet. The guy became a millionaire earlier than he had his 16 Birthday!
5. Cameron Johnson started not with computer technology. The first paycheck he earned at… the hand-made invitation cards! The boy earned some money and founded his own company at age 14 y.o. He is interested in software development and online advertising. In high school the teenager earned about $400 thousand per month… and soon his name was among the richest men in America.
6. 8 y.o. Evan has the most unbelievable history! He run his EvanTube channel on YouTube. His programs were about games – Lego, Minecraft and Angry Birds. He got a very big audience and now earns about $1,3 million per year!

Each of these stories is interesting in its own way, but they all teach one thing – for the real enthusiasts everything is possible. Don’t be afraid to try something that nobody have done before! And don’t forget that the secret of successful Internet project is a reliable web hosting. We take care about our clients’ websites, run them smoothly and protect from DDoS attacks, we also provide user friendly control panel cPanel and SSL certificate with every plan for free!



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