9 Website Competitive Analysis Tools

9 Website Competitive Analysis Tools

Analysis of competitors ‘ strategies is one of the most important components of the successful Internet marketing. These 9 online tools will help you to achieve great result quickly and effectively. You will learn all about the strategies that your competitors use.


A paid service that allows you to compile analytical reports on the competitors. You can analyze used SEO and advertising strategies and promotion techniques.


In addition to paid options free basic reports are also available on this service. You may get information about the competitors traffic: sources of the traffic, the interests of the audience etc.


A paid service where you can compare your website’s traffic with the other websites-competitors.


You can get analysis of your own website and the websites of your competitors, compare the speed of loading pages, determine keywords used for SEO etc. You may also get recommendations for the development of your own website.

Build With

You may learn all technical details about the work of your competitors` websites.

Raven Tools

Service that allows to analyze not only the basic metrics of competitors, but also the design of their websites.

Simply Measured

An excellent webresource for analysis of competitors ‘ promotion strategies used on social media.


A paid resource that allows to make a qualitative analysis of advertising campaigns of your competitors (available for 15 countries).


You may use this online webresource to list your competitors, to learn their positions in the search engines, used keywords, AdWords statistics and other information.

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