Affiliate Program: How to Earn $800/mo and More

Affiliate Program: How to Earn $800/mo and More

What do you use the Internet for? Education, relaxation, communication with friends and working. There are a lot of ways to get a stable income, one of the most popular and productive is an affiliate marketing.

To start our talk about the affiliate programs let`s define the concept. The affiliate marketing started before Internet. For example, when mobile operator gives you a discount because you have offered its` service to your friends, it is a kind of primitive affiliate program. The main principle is correct: you get bonuses for recommendations.

William J. Tobin, an American entrepreneur, patented the first program in 1989 year. The most well-known pioneer of the affiliate marketing was Amazon.

The years passed and the affiliate programs became better, because the methods of goods and services promotion have been changing a lot. The affiliate program is the cooperation of the producer (of the goods or services) and the specialist who is ready to recommend these products. The scale of such cooperation may be different: the own customers of this company or very famous and authoritative companies may be the partners.

Several factors have accelerated the development of the affiliate programs. They are: the advent of cookies (the special codes that allow to trace the transition of referrals), the “blogging and ecommerce boom” and the high popularity of ratings, recommendations and reviews of goods and services among Internet users.

The Affiliate Programs is an important part of ecommerce. For example by 2012, affiliate marketing represented 6% of the UK’s online economy and £9 billion in sales. Participating in the affiliate program you may create your own secure business. The advantage of this type of income is simple: the longer you are on market, the more authoritative you feel and the more profit you get.

Affiliate program is an investment in the future. The easiest way to start making money is to place links and banners of your partner. As soon as the referrals go to the link and make the order, you get financial rewards. To be successful and to get more referrals you have tj develop your online webresource or be an active member in blogs, on forums and in social networks.

One more question you have for sure: “Can I really make significant money using the Affiliate Program?” Unihost partners earn $800/mo and more. Is it what you are looking for? Find out more details about Unihost Affiliate Program and join us!


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