An Affiliate Program: How to Start and Earn Real Money?

An Affiliate Program: How to Start and Earn Real Money?

There are a lot of ways to earn money online. Newcomers are usually interested in affiliate programs, because the opportunity to work from home, have no boss and make a profit not investing in the project is very tempting. Moreover, the companies are willing to sign contracts even with those who do not have sales experience. We have collected several useful tips for your successful start in the affiliate marketing. Learn from our mistakes, do not waste your time to make your own.

First steps
1. Choose the niche
Perhaps this is the most important stage in your career. Try to find the area that is interesting for you and at the same time is popular enough (you have to find many customers). The more you work the better you will know your niche, at the very beginning you just need to make difficult but a confident choice.

2. Search products to promote
There are a lot of electronic catalogues of affiliate programs on the Internet so you may choose one or two that will suit your needs. You may also check thematic groups on social networks.

3. Create your own website
It may seem very difficult, but your next step is the website building. If your budget does not allow you to hire a website developer, you can create it using the free website Builder from Unihost. With templates it doesn’t take much time, and you will have a professional web resource for your work.

4. Fill your website with the high-quality content
Published content should be interesting and useful for your potential buyers. In materials you can place links to the advertised product/service. Your readers will be potentially interested in this kind of service, you will get a reward for each purchase.

5. Promote your website
Promote your website to attract more referrals. We have written already about the marketing strategies to increase website traffic. The main ways of attracting new visitors are: an active “life” in social networks, blogging, advertising in Google Adwords… There are a lot of tools, try different strategies and carefully analyze the results to understand which channels bring the best results.

How to take part in the Affiliate Program? (an example)
Niche: web hosting
It is difficult to find a niche that will be interesting for you and profitable at the same time. We advise you to promote products or service you are using. In this case you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the product, its features and the level of service. You are confident in your partner, and you may evaluate the company-partner based on your own experience (this kind of recommendations are more convincing to potential customers).

Give preference to a company that operates in the market for many years. Payment that you receive for each new client is very important too!

If you choose Unihost Affiliate Program you may be assured of the impeccable reputation of the company hosting websites since 2001. Payments on the Affiliate Program are:

      25% for the shared web hosting order;
      15% for the VPS order;
      10% for the dedicated servers order.

    On average the most successful clients earn from $800 to $2500 per month.

    If you don’t have your own web resource still, it’s time to build your own website. As a client of Unihost, you get free access to Website Builder, failure-free service and protection from DDoS attacks. Use WordPress CMS with ready-made templates and build your website. You do not need programming, design and layout skills.

    The next step is to add content to your newly created website to entice readership. If you are a web designer, webmaster, or administrator you may write posts by yourself. To quickly gather an array of posts, you may enlist the help of the professionals. You may buy already written texts or order them on one of copywriting websites.

    Promote your website in any way possible. Downloading the articles do not forget about SEO optimization. Use Google Adwords for keyword selection. Place the relevant information and the search engines will rank your website highly. Promote your web resource on social networks and via email, so you will attract the maximum number of subscribers.

    And the last tip – avoid overloading
    It is not easy to start the affiliate program. To avoid overloading and frustration remember the golden rule: do not handle all at once, take breaks at work. The affiliate marketing is a long-term project that will yield a substantial income. So move towards your goal step by step and you will achieve great results!

    Join Unihost Affiliate Program.


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