How to Craft an Effective Landing Page?

How to Craft an Effective Landing Page?

Tell me what does your landing page look like, and I will tell you how successful your business is. There are a lot of discussions about landing pages among the marketers so we made a pro et contra list. Also in this article you may find tips how to structure your landing page to increase the level of conversion.

Landing page is a single-page website designed to collect the data about the target audience and to promote a product or a service. Every effective landing page must have a call to action. The task is to give the necessary information about the item and convince the customer to buy it immediately.

Landing pages are gaining popularity. On the one hand, Internet users get used to the suitable format of presenting information, but at the same time they start to be tired of single-page websites that usually have the similar design. The first step to understand whether you need the landing page is to consider your audience: if your potential customers are ready to aggressive advertising with emotional headlines, timers and client feedback then go ahead and create the landing page!

Do not expect that the landing page will bring you a profit by itself. It is effective only in conjunction with the other tools of Internet marketing and must be accompanied by the launch of online advertising. Depending on the kind of business landing pages have the different purposes: e.g., if the company offers cheap products the landing page can increase sales, if the company offers expensive products and services the landing page can expand the customer base.

The creation of the landing page is cheap compared with the full-fledged website, but keep in mind that a landing page will never replace it. It is preferable to create the landing pages when you need to advertise a new product or informing customers about the incredible discounts or promotions.

Before the landing page creation you need to formulate a unique selling proposition that will meet the expectations of the potential audience. You can use the so-called “empathy map” that includes answers to the following questions: “What does the customer think and feel, hear and see, say and do; what may hurt him, and what are the accomplishments/needs/desires that bring him joy”.

Structure of the effective landing page:


  1. The heading should interest your potential customers. You may create headings and subheadings (question-answer forms always attract attention).
  2. The illustration creates an attractive image for your product. Try not to use pictures from the popular photostocks, because your landing page must be unique and should not cause the feeling, as if the customer had seen her dozens of times.
  3. Description of the main characteristics of the goods or services you offer. We recommend to place in this block only information about promotions, discounts, special offers, everything that encourages the customer to make a purchase without delay.
  4. A block of trigger trust is one of the most important elements of the landing page. In this block may be customer testimonials, a list of the partners of your company, etc. If you run a new product/service and do not have any review still, you may use reviews about your company, which would characterize you as a reliable and qualified partner.
  5. Put a logo (a picture, not a link). Remember, nothing should distract the visitor from ordering the goods.
  6. Put the social network icons in the footer of the webpage. Clicking on it, the customer will be your “friend” in the social media (links to your groups are forbidden).
  7. The form to fill in the contact information. Getting the information about your clients you will be able to extend your client base.
  8. The button to send the contact information must contain a call to action. To buy, order, payment — all of these verbs are ideal for the motivation of the client.
  9. The notification form must appear after your customer send the contact information to you. The form can submit promotional coupons with discounts on the next purchase, unique offers for regular customers etc.

As you see, the landing page can be a productive tool to increase the sales and to expand the customer base. Many webmasters offer a service for creating landing pages, although actually it can be done for free on your own. Using Website Builder from Unihost you may easily create a page layout and fill it with the unique content.


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