How To Create a WordPress Website

How To Create a WordPress Website

Nowadays, sales shift to the Internet. The causes of such a phenomenon are obvious. First of all, the Internet audience is almost unlimited and, secondly, with the online market there is no need to rent a store or to pay a salary to staff. But for many entrepreneurs it becomes a disaster since they think website developing from scratch could be quite expensive or requires a lot of programming and design skills – this is no longer true! You can create a WordPress website by your own within 10 minutes. Convenient and easy to install and use WordPress will bring your business to a new level. 

WordPress is the most popular platform to date. Many people think that once the platform uses templates, the website loses its functionality or will be similar to thousands of other websites. But the thing is, WordPress contains hundreds of themes, which could be easily configured according to owner`s personal needs and wants. Thus your website benefits its functionality and individual design. WordPress affords to create blogs, information portals, as well as large corporate websites or online stores. The New Yorker, MTV News, and BBC America use WordPress for their websites.

Step 1: Choose a domain name and hosting

If you want your website to be available for customers, you have to place it on the Internet. Hosting is, in fact, the place where your website and all the data, used for your website, are stored. Try to avoid free hosting service and opt for paid web hosting. First of all, paid hosting is much more reliable. Moreover, the technical support of your hosting provider could help you at any time, thereby reducing down time (when the website does not bring you profit).

Do not concern yourself with the different technical characteristics of a hosting. The smooth running of your website is the only thing you have to worry about. Look through the hosting rating-lists, read the reviews and choose the most attractive provider. If you do not want or do not have time to deal with this issue, then choose this hosting provider and sleep soundly.

As a rule, hosting providers offer domain registration. Enter domain name in the form and check is it available.  

domain registration

Tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Simple and catchy domain names are much easier to remember;  
  • The domain name should reflect your activity or be connected with your business;
  • The domain name should be as short as possible. If you expect your audience to manually type the domain name into the browser’s address bar, choose a domain name carefully.

For more information about how to choose the perfect domain name, please read here.

Step 2. WordPress Installation

You do not need to know code to create a WordPress website. WordPress is an extremely convenient CMS (Content Management System) which affords to create your own websites within 10 minutes. Some hosters offer CMS installation in several steps. If the company does not provide such a service, then you will do the installation yourself.

To get started you need to create your database. Click the “New” icon and fill out the form:

database for wordpress

Visit the WordPress website and download the file archive. Unzip the archive and find the wordpress folder. Look for wp-config-sample.php file and rename it to wp-config.php

wordpress installation


Then, use your favorite text editor (f.e. Notepad++), open wp-config.php and find the following lines:

wordpress installation

Enter the data you used when you created a DataBase and save your file.

Then you have to upload your wordpress folder  to server. Use FileZilla for that. Unzip the FileZilla and install it. Open the program; click File-Site Manager – New Site. Name your website (if you want), choose General tab and fill the form with your data.

filezilla sitemanager

Note: In a password field use your hosting password. Press Passive in a Transfer Setting tab.

Press Autodetect in a Charset Tab.

filezilla sitemanager

Then you`ll find a screen. Drag all the necessary files from the left column into the right column.

filezilla sitemanager

Note: The Majority of hosters provide control panels for you hosting, so you can perform all these steps in the same browser.

Step 3. Website installing

Type in the following into your address bar: http://yourwebsitename/wp-admin/install.phpUse your domain name instead of yourwebsitename.

Fill in the form and press Install WordPress. The last thing you should do to create a WordPress website is to enter your login, password and enter the administrator control panel.


You are ready to go!

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