How to build your own business?

How to build your own business?

At least for once in your life you have stopped to think about how to build your own business from scratch. Unfortunately, your ideas remain unspoken. Think, what prevents you from starting a business?

Are you unsure that you have enough courage and knowledge? Or maybe it`s your excuse for inaction. We’ve prepared a list of the most common obstacles to your financial independence. You should know your main “enemies” and learn how to beat them.

1.I`m scared

how to build your own business

It`s time to reveal a Secret of the Universe: all people have qualms. Even those who are on the Forbes magazine cover. Fear is absolutely normal body response to certain external situations. Don’t attempt to get rid of fear but make it work for you. Fear can be a driving force to literally push you toward your goals. It’s puzzling, but fear combined with your motivation may prevent you from indecision and procrastination.

2.I don’t have any experience

Well, of course, you don`t! And you’ll never get it until you start doing something. How to learn swimming? By swimming. The same applies to any other activity. Here are 6 cheerful stories about self-made teenage millionaires who know how to build your own business and made a fortune without any experience.

3.I haven`t got necessary skills


What do you mean by “necessary”? If you think that all entrepreneurs are self-confident, tough and uncompromising people, then you are wrong. Modern business people are decent, calm and balanced (of course, with few exceptions). You don’t need some special qualities for doing business, but useful skills will come in handy. Attend business and enterprise skills courses, read and learn as much as possible. Get a job in a small-scale enterprise to understand how it works. Remember that we aren’t born with a certain set of knowledge, but acquire it through education and experience.

4.I`ve got no money

There is no need to chase the big fish. It`s better to try to start small. Start in on the ground floor. Remember that you will never have enough money for the startup of your dream. While you pinch and scrape to make sure you have enough money for your business,  someone will turn it into reality before you even start. Do you want to start your restaurant? Why not to start with fast food on wheels? It’s extremely popular, profitable, and doesn’t require considerable investment.

5.My ideas aren’t good enough


Firstly, who told you that? Have you had 1000 rejections or have you heard callous giggles? That didn’t stop the Lucky Wishbone Co. owners. They really know how to build your own business from scratch, as the company produces plastic … chicken wishbones. Now they achieved millions of dollars in revenue! Secondly, your idea may be as old as the hills, but its successful implementation may result in some gains.  Besides, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the first who came up with the idea of the social network.Nevertheless, this fact doesn’t prevent him from earning $6 mln per hour.

6.I`m not aware of any laws

Show me the one who was? Consult with a lawyer and an experienced accountant and go! It`s enough for a start.

7.I live in the wrong country / city


Stroll along your street or square. Turn your head from side to side. If you’ve found at least one stall – congratulations! Life on Mars Business is detected! Of course, we could speak at length about all the imperfections of the tax system, the difficulties and bureaucracy faced by entrepreneurs. But once business exists (and you’ve verified it yourself) everything is possible.

8.I don’t have right connections


You don`t need any special connections to open up a small business. Of course, it`s really nice when you have a lawyer friend, but actually, there’s nothing you can’t cope with by yourself. Moreover, you can contact almost anyone (maybe besides the Pope) who knows how to build your own business on Facebook or Twitter.

If you want to start a business just do it! You don’t need to live with the thought: “I want to, but …”. Try it, take risks, but don`t live the disembodied dream.



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