Secrets of website promotion: How Web Hosting can make or break your website

Secrets of website promotion: How Web Hosting can make or break your website

When promoting a website, your primary goal is usually to achieve the TOP 10 results in search engines that guarantee the web resource relevance and effectiveness. Website owners spend a lot of time and money on implementing various promotion strategies to attract maximum visitors. As a rule, they pay attention to the primary factors of the search engine optimization (such as keywords and image titles, the number of external and internal links, length, and path of URL, etc.) but they usually overlook the other factors that cannot be considered less significant. The web hosting provider`s work is one of the most important ranking factors that you have to keep in mind. When you start promoting your website, highlight these 6 common problems. And remember: you will be able to achieve the excellent results only if you choose the reliable web hosting for your website.

1. The stable web hosting work = 100% uptime

The stable uptime is one of the most important conditions for the effective website promotion. Web indexing is due to the work of the web crawlers, Internet bots that systematically browse the web pages. If your website is not available at this moment (because of your web hosting provider) and such situation happens systematically, the crawler marks your web page like inactive and removes it from the search index.

There are a lot of reasons for the website downtime. They are the unstable connection with the server, the Network congestion or a DDoS attack when the server gets a lot of requests simultaneously, etc. To minimize the likelihood of these problems give priority to the reliable web hosting companies. Webmasters who really care about their projects choose the high-quality equipment and the web hosters that provide anti-DdoS protection.

2. The faster the better

The web page load time is an important criterion, too. If the website loads slowly, then the web crawlers will mark it as inefficient and will probably lower it in the issue rating. As usual, to achieve maximum productivity webmasters prefer to host their web resources on the web hosting that provides the powerful servers. Such equipment is able to operate smoothly even under heavy loads and show a short response time.
Website Downtime

3. The excellent SEO reputation of the web hosting company

All webmasters know how it is to be banned for spam. But the worst situation is when the sanctions for your website are applied but you have done no prohibited actions. In this case, your website may be banned because of your web hoster`s behavior. For example, you may rent the server where botnets or spam networks were located before. So your website`s reputation may be ruined because of this. We recommend asking the web hoster about his policy toward doorway pages, phishing, etc. before you conclude a contract.

4. A dedicated IP and an SSL certificate are available only from the reliable web hosters

Placing your website on the dedicated IP address and protecting it with the SSL certificate are important steps to improve the web indexing. First of all, you will be assured that your IP will not be blocked due to the activity of the «neighbors» that place their web resources on the same server with you, secondly, your website will not suffer from the Network congestion, and, thirdly, judging by the latest reports from Google, websites that are protected by the SSL certificate, are preferred over HTTP websites.

5. Stupid mistakes that can cost you a reputation

The web hosting providers usually block the robots that overload the server. However, there are cases when the veto may be imposed on visits of the web crawlers, robots that include a website to the Google, Yandex and other search indexes. For example, Googlebot may appear under six different masks on the website, and this means that locking it, the provider can leave your website without an opportunity to be indexed.

6. Caring web hoster will not allow your website to be disabled

Even if you did everything correctly, your website may be disabled and rapidly lose its index position that you`ve got from hard work. The reason of this may be simple: you may forget to pay for the service in time. A single e-mail notification can easily be lost among the dozens of unread emails. Web hosting companies that truly care about the welfare of their clients` websites, typically use multiple notifications to prevent such situations. Cooperating with such companies you have nothing to worry about.

We have revealed the secrets of successful website promotion to draw your attention to the fact that the benefits of the high-quality web hosting can affect the indexing and ranking of your web resource. The reliability of the service provided by the web hosting company is the one of the most important criteria that cannot be overlooked. Thinking about building a website, choose only reliable companies that have proven themselves in the market and have an impeccable reputation. In this case, you will be able to achieve good results in the website promotion. If you already have a website, but the TOP issue remains out of reach for you, think: “Maybe it is time to move to a better web hosting provider?”


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