India is the best country for startups!

India is the best country for startups!

What makes startups successful? Brilliant ideas and good funding — these are the necessary conditions for any project. If you have a creative mind the only problem you need to solve is to find out an investor who is ready to give you money. If you are from India you may not be afraid of it: this country is the best place for startups. Receently two giants Dell and Cisco announced the launch of a multimillion-dollar programs to support newcomers!

Cisco and Dell are global brands which need no introduction. And both are interested in supporting India. Dell recently announced the largest company on the financing of Asian projects (the budget is $300 million).
Dell is interested in long-term projects in India. Over the years Dell has supported more than 20 startups, for example, such Indian companies as Exablox, DocuSign and Cylance got the funding this year. Dell experts pay attention at cloud, security, analytics and software development.
Cisco is also ready to invest $240 million in Indian projects. Cisco offices have been working in this country for over 20 years and during that time has filed over 1000 different patents. Cisco is ready to invest money in projects connected with cloud, Internet of things (IoT) and mobile technologies. The best startupers will get an offer to become Cisco patrners.

Except of American high-tech leaders, companies from another countries are ready to finance Indian startups. Such organizations, as Softbank in Japan and Alibaba in China are interested i Indian e-commerce!


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