Our new builder: 3 min to create a site!

Our new builder: 3 min to create a site!

Website building is not an easy task. Even if you have a brilliant idea you need to think about lots of technical details to put it into practice. Users who decided to build their first website had to grasp programming, design, layout… A lot of them prefered to ask professional web-masters about this, but their service, of course, was very expencieve. But today we are happy to tell you: “Everything had changed! Unihost starts the website builder. It is so easy and understandable that you can use it even if you do not have any special knowledge and practical skills in website building!”

Do you remember how you played with Lego in your childhood? It was enough to find a right place for every detail and you got the result. Work with the website builder may be compared with your memories but now you have more functional tools and you are available to implement a lot of tasks with it.

Understandable and friendly interface will make easier the website building process. For the web pages design you may use more then 170 templates, the list is widen regularly, so you may improve your website. Business and technologies, sports and travelling, personal and landing pages… and many other topics. You only have to choose the necessary one!

As you can see it will take you only several minutes to build a website with site.pro. Pay attention that our builder place your website on Web Hosting at once and you do not have to think about technical aspect. But if you need a flexible and personalized product then CMS platforms are available for you. We did our best to make your work on them easier. Use an innovative auto installer Softaculous and you will have no difficulties in Web Hosting!

To put website on Web Hosting was a great problem for the beginners earlier. It took a lot of time even when professionals did it. It was necessary to download official CMS distributions, create database, organize access to the files… Using Softaculous you need only to choose the necessary script (there are 360+ scripts avaiable for free) and make a one-click installation! This procedure is easy because the auto installer has an understandable interface.

Softaculous is indispensable for your website administration, because the auto installer provides the newer versions of the scripts (scripts demos are available) and automatically update your CMS and offer a secure back-up facility. Your data is always safe!

You can use Unihost website builder for free and later you will have no extra payments. We offer you only honest partnership. Discover great possibilities of the website building with Unihost, now it is fast and easy!


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