Monetize your hobby: turn WordPress blog into a source of money

Monetize your hobby: turn WordPress blog into a source of money

No matter why you have started your WordPress blog, you will not pass the opportunity to earn money for developing it. E-commerce is one of the most perspective sectors of the modern economy. Pay attention to the different ways of monetizing your web resource, choose the right way for you and start working to achieve great results.

There are three primary ways to earn real money from your website: advertising, affiliate marketing, and direct sales. In this article we are going to share a secret of pros and cons of each method and give you some useful tips on how to start it.

The main principle you have to learn at the beginning of your way to the Big Profit is that the only effective method to raise money is to provide valuable information or service to your customers. People are ready to pay for the solutions of their problems. Give advice or share unique experience and the audience will thank you. It means that people start subscribing to your blog.

As soon as you have subscriber list and enough followers you get a stable traffic to your website, and you start being interesting for advertisers. Usually, every blogger focuses on the particular topic, so his web resource may be of interest to the correspondent companies. For example, if you write about a healthy lifestyle it is very likely that sport companies or green projects will promote their service to your audience willingly.

How to start and what to choose: first steps

monetize your wordpress site

Monetizing is only profitable when you get a lot of subscribers that may be your potential customers. Your motto is: «The more the better!». It is possible to build up your subscribers list by providing them valuable content. For example, you may write tutorials and how-tos on your topic, share cases based on your own experience, or publish reviews. Before asking your readers to subscribe, think what benefits you may provide them for this action. They should understand what they receive in return for their email or phone number (for example, it can be a discount or a promo-code, emails with valuable information, notifications about your special offers for subscribers and so on).

As soon as you get a lot of subscribers, invite advertisers to your blog. Place ads next to your articles and get money for your customers` clicks. It`s easy and profitable if you have a target audience that is really interested in the promoted goods and services.

You should also try participating in the affiliate programs. This is a popular way to get money for your customers` purchases. Spend some time to find a program with beneficial terms and receive a substantial fee.

To start direct sales you should be confirmed: your audience is rich and highly concerned. Sell digital goods produced by yourself, because people are always interested in successful experience of others. For example, you may combine the articles published in your blog into pdf ebooks or make video webinars a. Of course, you will get a good return in this case.

Secrets of advertising

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If you have a stable traffic, you may turn your blog into an advertising platform. The easiest way to do is to join Google AdSense. This advertising program is free and allows website owner to choose what type of ads he wants to display.
Thanks to special plugin you may place ads on your WordPress website without changing HTML code of your web page.

How to start with Google AdSense:

  1. Sign up for a Google AdSense account or use your Gmail account.
  2. Get a verification, sign in to your AdSense account and get your ad code.
  3. Click “My Ad” and “New Ad unit” buttons.
    monetize your wordpress site
  4. Create a new ad page, select the Ad size, type, and style.It is recommended to select 336×280 and 300×260 sizes because they fit on most screen sizes.Choosing Ad type, use text and display ads simultaneously to get the best results.Thinking about Ad style, use your website’s color scheme and the advertising will be integrated into your web page design.
    monetize your wordpress site
  5. Press “Save and get code button” to get Ad code.
    monetize your wordpress site
  6. Copy your code to Notepad to use it later.
  7. Place the Ad code on your page, we recommend to display Ads in a sidebar or in a header under your website menu (choose 728×90 size to receive a lot of views). To add the Ads use WordPress widgets.
  8. Go to “Appearance” – “Widgets” in your WordPress admin panel. Paste your Google AdSense code there as you may see on the screenshot.
    monetize your wordpress site

How to become a great affiliate marketer?monetize your wordpress site

Choosing an affiliate program, pay attention to the terms and conditions, commission amount, and withdrawal methods provided by a company. Participating in an affiliate program is free: you get a control panel where you may choose the products you want to promote on your website. Usually, affiliate links, banner and other promo-materials come free of charge and you can get it as soon as you sign up with the affiliate program. Then you may place them within your blog. Every purchase made through your referral link will get you a commission.

Think twice about your audience interests before choosing an affiliate program. But also, keep in mind that there are some «universal» spheres that may be interesting to everyone regardless of what the targeted audience of your website is. For example, you may recommend WordPress web hosting regardless of the main topic of your website. Are you surprised?
If you use WordPress you know that it`s easy to create an own website even without special programming skills. It means that your readers may be interested in website building, so you may promote your web hosting provider`s service and share your own experience about the process of creating websites.

How to start Affiliate Program:

  1. Choose a company you want to work with.
  2. Sign up as a member of the Affiliate Program (it is free).
  3. Receive a referral link or a banner after the registration.
  4. Place it on any kind of a platform (website, blog, social media account, forum etc.).
  5. Receive a reward from every purchase of your referrals (those who opened your link and buy something on your partner`s website).

Direct sales: the hardest but the most profitable businessMonetize your WordPress site

All experts agree that digital goods sale is effective and profitable. You may sell different types of content: ebooks and manuals, prints and photos, infographics and animations, music and videos, in a word, everything you can produce. Make your digital sales easy by using free WooCommerce plugin. You may create catalogs of goods, prepare financial statements, build a discount system, manage products and have a lot of other opportunities.

How to start direct sales:

  1. Select a type of goods you know how to produce.
  2. Install WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress website.
  3. Go to “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “Products”> “Downloadable Products” to create downloadable products. We recommend ro select “Force download” method because it allows forcing files using PHP.
  4. Match the Downloadable checkbox:
    Monetize your WordPress site
  5. After you will see this extra box:
    Monetize your WordPress site
  6. Upload a file and click “Insert” to set up each downloadable file URL. Match the URL of the product to the URL of your website.
    Monetize your WordPress site
  7. You may enter the Download Limit (optional). Once the user hits this limit, he can no longer download the file.
  8. Enter the Download Expiry. If you define a number of days, download links expire after that.
  9. Select the Download Type from the dropdown and save.
  10. Now you may sell downloadable products as physical ones.

These are three effective ways of monetizing your WordPress website. You may use them on a case-by-case basis or all together. Start with Google AdSence to make your first money, or try Affiliate Program if you want to get stable and reliable profit. These two ways do not require you to invest your own money: all you do is provide your website as a platform for advertising and get money for targeted actions of your audience. In case, you have inspiration to share your own experience, produce various digital goods and sell them to make real money.

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