Pomodoro: great time management philosophy

Pomodoro: great time management philosophy

Time is the enemy for many of us. Anxiety that occurs when we worry about ‘ time passing by’ results in extremely low productivity and inefficiency of work and study. That is why we leave matters till tomorrow. As a result, all things fall down in a heap and we have no time to deal with all of this stuff. We are sure that it is familiar to you, so we want you to get acquainted with unique method which will help you in succeeding all of your to-dos. Have you ever heard about Pomodoro? Not yet? Then read on!


The Pomodoro origin

This technique was invented so that time could help us to achieve our goals by improving our work or study processes. This name has its roots in a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, which the founder of this time-management technique, Francesco Cirillo, used while being a student.

Distraction is our enemy

Distraction is the main enemy of our time. Imagine, you write monthly report, look through the news, do correspondence or chatting with your colleague at a time. For most of us it is day-to-day situation. Thus, the process of making your report may extend over an unspecified time (days or weeks).

Principle of the method

  • Decide on the task you are going to do (e.g. report);
  • Set the timer to 25 minutes;
  • Work on task until your timer rings. Avoid any distractions (no calls, no coffe-breaks, no e-mail checking);
  • Do a five-minute break after 25-minutes period. Get up, walk around, watch funny videos. It is important to turn your attention to another activity;
  • Proceed to the new “tomato”.

If the task is too extensive, break it down into several 25 minutes cycles. After 4 “tomatoes” (i.e, two hours) make a break for 20-30 minutes. Were  you distracted by something? Then you`ve lost your current “tomato”. Restart your tomato and try to keep focused this time.

Where to begin?

We have chosen several apps that can help cope better with all your tasks .

Browser extensions (Google Chrome):

  • Strict Forkflow Add all sites that distract you. Once you`ve switched on embedded timer, the extension will block your access to all distracting resources.
  • Pomodoro ToDo Make a to-do list and set how many “tomatoes” you need to perform a specific task. Tomatoes-сounter will help you to analyze your productivity.
  • Cherry Tomato Clock This extension is equipped with a “stop” button, which will help you to perform an urgent matter, and not to lose “tomatoe” in this case.

Apps for Android:

  • Clockwork Tomato A timer, alarm clock and task manager in one application not to mention about nice design.
  • ClearFocus A timer, which helps to concentrate on the urgent matters.
  • Pomotodo Simple and intuitive design, a task list, and the timer for better work results.
  • Forest Interesting application for those who is addicted to smartphone. First,”plant” a seed in Forest. In the next 30 minutes this seed will grow into a tree. If you leave this app before the tree grows up, it will wither away.


This technique is perfect for those whose activity is monotonous and time-consuming (eg, translators, programmers, accountants). Unfortunately, it does not suit for those who work on call-centers, or have a toddler. This is simple but very effective time management technique, which will help you to keep up with everything. Do you want to know more lifehacks? Then subscribe to our blog and find simple solutions to complex problems!


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