Powerful startup: What do you need to skyrocket your project?

Powerful startup: What do you need to skyrocket your project?

Do you have a brilliant idea and a limited budget? Congratulations! Dozens of successful people run their startups like this. There is no magic formula on how to make your project perfect, but there is one factor that you should keep in mind: web hosting. Remember, you are too poor to buy cheap: rent a dedicated server for your project, do not save money on shared web hosting. Are you surprised?

Ambitions are half the battle! Facebook started when there were already several failure social networks, Googe was created at the time when all search engines lost money, Instagram appeared with only stupid idea: “We got filters. What else do you need?” As you can see, all giants started with simple steps, got fantastic results and reached a critical mass of users. Can you imagine these companies using shared web hosting? Hell no. Here are 3 obvious and simple reasons, why a dedicated server must be the only choice for the beginner.

1. Stable like Swiss Bank account

Shared web hosting means that a lot of customers place their web resources on the same server with you. Get dedicated and you will never suffer from the fact that your “neighbor” sent spam or became a victim of a DDoS attack and overloaded the server`s bandwidth.

2. Powerful like Ferrari

Dedicated servers are the gold standard in the web hosting industry. You get unlimited possibilities and a carte blanche to install and run any OS and software. All hardware resources are at your disposal. You may choose a model of the dedicated server that will suit your needs and have the necessary processing power, memory and hard drive storage capacity.

3. Yours (sincerely)

With dedicated servers you don`t have to worry about the overselling. Sure, you know about the overselling, a situation when dishonest web hosters provide unlimited resources for all customers. It works untill all webmasters do not make full use of them. As soon as one of the located webresources will need claimed allotments, all other websites may face a shortfall of them. In case you choose the dedic, you get 100% of resources and a completely private server.

A big piece of advice

You will have a root access to your dedicated server, so you should have to set up and manage it by yourself. Sounds scary for unexperienced website owners. To solve this problem you may rent a server from the company that provides an Administration Service.

In conclusion:

A lot of beginners try to save money and use shared web hosting for their projects. At the first sight you may decide that it is a rational solution: these projects do not have a lot of customers still and it is uncertain if they will become world-known companies one day… But! Are you ready to spend your time on running a project that will never win? Choose the best service for your startup today and be on the crest of a wave tomorrow!


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