SSH for all!

SSH for all!

SSH for Windows, have you heard it yet?

I think everyone knows what SSH is. According to Wikipedia SSHis a cryptographic (encrypted) network protocol for initiating text-based shell sessions on remote machines in a secure way. It is no secret that only owners of Linux servers have been using SSH for years. First introduced in 1995, SSH is a key tool for managing remote machines, but Windows hasn’t featured native support for it before. (I would say, it is some kind of inequity towards Windows :-))

Finally, in 2015 the darkest hour is just before the dawn. An upcoming version of Windows PowerShell will let users manage Windows and Linux computers through Secure Shell protocol and Shell session thanks to new functionality. This step is a direct proof that Windows is not afraid of changes, although there is some disagreement about this issue in its ranks. For example, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that “Microsoft loves Linux”, while Steve Ballmer called this cutie penguin “cancer”. Despite all disagreements Microsoft has made a number of Linux distributions available on Azure and is even releasing a code editor that runs across Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Well, what can be added? I think  Linux users, who once will have to work with Windows will be delighted by this news!

P.S.: this innovation is already operating on some our servers.


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