How to Stop Postponing Tasks?

How to Stop Postponing Tasks?

Have you ever had a situation when you start doing your job and a few hours later find yourself watching YouTube video on cat fails? Do you feel a sudden urgent need to check your e-mail, have a snack or clean your oven immediately during the workflow? Then, you realize it`s evening already, and all your plans and intentions were failed miserably. If you recognize yourself, welcome to the army of procrastinators. In this article, we will tell you how to avoid chronic procrastination and stop postponing tasks. 

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is an interesting phenomenon, which affects every second person. Simply put, procrastination is a chronic postponing of tasks or chores for another day. Procrastinator is ready to do anything, except for his planned affairs. In order not to do all the necessary tasks, procrastinator can spend hours watching soap operas, surfing the net or eating (even if he is actually not hungry).

There is also another type of procrastinators.  They water flowers, clean up a mess, watch countless YouTube tutorials instead of performing their jobs. At first glance, all these things are necessary and useful, but nevertheless, they don`t lead towards the initial goal. Therefore, they are exactly the same procrastinators, as those who watch soap operas.

Chronic Procrastination is not Laziness

Let’s state once and for all: chronic procrastination and laziness are different things. When we get lazy, we usually don`t feel any regrets or worries. In case with procrastinators, it’s the reverse situation. Procrastinators make great plans, but as soon as they need to perform any task they start doing things far from their primary intentions. After that, procrastinators suffer a lot from a feeling of remorse and feebleness. Such a depressed state of mind does not raise self-confidence, so chronic procrastination becomes a vicious circle with no way out.

Who is guilty?

What`s the nature of this phenomenon? It’s all about our brain. It consumes 25% of energy produced by the body. Task performing consumes extra energy. In order to save energy resources, this organ resists difficult and time-consuming activities.

Procrastinators live in a fantasy world. They dream about a perfect body, promotion at work or speaking fluent French. But when it comes to certain actions, an attractive image from the imaginary world disappears. This is due to the fact that our brain wants immediate results and satisfaction. It resists to long-term prospects and energy-consuming tasks.

The Art of Overcoming Yourself

Here we go with 5 effective ways how to beat chronic procrastination. Let the most effective methods always be at your fingertips!

how to beat chronic procrastination


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