10 tips for successful social media community

10 tips for successful social media community

Social media community has become one of the most powerful tools in business. Social networks literally have burst into people’s lives. Thus it`s necessary to accept the fact and start using them. Indeed, social network today isn`t just a place for communication between people, but also an attractive platform for advertisers. In this article, we`ll have a closer look at a checklist of a successful social media community. Use these tips, if you have an account but still don`t know where to start.

1. Show your face

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Don`t hide behind a fake name or someone else’s pic. Let your audience know you “by sight”. Don`t overstate the fact that your name and photo will be in public square. Otherwise, put on a tin foil hat and never approach to the computer. Use a high-quality photo for your social media page. Personal identification is a well-functioning strategy, which will associate yourself with your brand or company.

2. Stay focused

The number of social networks is growing in the blink of an eye. It`s obvious that joining them all and expecting any results is definitely impossible. Choose several social networks (2-3) with your target audience (eg, facebook and twitter) and go! Of course, you can create a community in 5 and even for 10 social networks, but the efficiency will then be negligible. It`s better to direct your skills in a more narrow sphere to achieve greater results.

3. Build relationship

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Relationship is what the business is built on. You may be a genius with perfect strategy, but if you have zero communication skills, nothing will happen. Strengthening relationships with your readers is much more effective method than simply collecting subscribers. Let people get to know you so trust can be built.

4. Become an expert

Take part in discussions, offer sensible advice and qualitative information. Be a person who is ready to give something really important and who is eager to help. Provide your followers with new ideas, original information and resources. People you have helped will thank you later by searching for your products or services.

5. Repost!

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Don`t expect people to share your posts without sharing back. You will have to reciprocate. In any case, don`t use others to get a share.

6. Analyze

Do your own research and conclusions about needs and wants of your potential customers. There are a lot of tools which collect and analyze consumer data. Google Analytics, DataHero, NetVibes and many other services will help you sharpen your analytical skills.

7. Measure your success

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Besides above mentioned tools, which help to collect and analyze visitors` data, there are special instruments for tracking and measuring social media effectiveness. Analyze your shares, likes and followers to know what needs improvement. Klout, HowSociable and SimplyMeasured are some of the tools which help cope with all of these tasks.

8. Stir up interest

It`s great if you provide useful and interesting content, but you need your visitors to engage and interact with you as well. Draw interest through different content and promotive events to get interaction.

9. Be active

Would you like to be an expert and become social media ? Prepare to be consistent. Stay active and always respond to comments, even if they are negative. Social media community requires significant impact. “Someday, when I have time” – that`s not the way it works. Social media is actually a full-time job, so doing it “someday” is a waste of time for you and your readers.

10. Divide and Rule

The main mistake people make is placing the same post on different social networks. Every community in different social media must be individual. Fill them with different information, distinguish what would be interesting for each group of your audience to meet their needs.

Remember: you won`t sell in social networks. A social media is a place to rest and have chill talks, it`s where people can communicate, share photos or maybe share something useful with each other. Therefore, your ultimate goal is to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

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