Top 10 Web Resources to Learn Coding for FREE

Top 10 Web Resources to Learn Coding for FREE

The programmer is one of the newest and most post popular specialties. Thousands of teenagers dream to be programmists but to implement these plans is not an easy task. Britain scientists asked webmasters how they`ve studied the programming and discovered that 42% of the programmers were self-taught persons. Today we publish TOP-10 the best web resources to study the programming languages. This list will be useful for beginners and for professionals!
1. More than 150 lessons about website building, web applications development and game programming are available on Code Avengers . Using this resource you may study HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.
2. Coderwall is the project for those who already has some programming skills. You can work in a team with other users or share individual projects, or get a professional advice.
3. Competent support is available on The Starter League. The school has educated more than 1000 programmers, designers, and successful startupers, so everyone who joins it has an opportunity to get a new profession!
4. One of the most basic educational resources is Pluralsight. This is an absolutely free library with a huge amount of background information and lessons — a true gift for any webmaster.
5. Start your education on Programr. The main advantage of this webresource is the possibility to study programming languages using your browser. You may learn how to create applications for consoles, online and mobile devices.
6. Learn Code the Hard Way ruins all the stereotypes about studying. First students try to solve practical tasks and after get some theoretical information. Such programming languages as Python, Ruby, C, SQL, Regex, you may learn with Learn Code the Hard Way.
7. Studying in the PHP Academy focuses not only on learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (including jQuery) and CSS are also available. The learning process is straightforward, students may use the tutorials and get advice on forums.
8. Huge collection of books, audio and video about programming is collected on Pragmatic Bookshelf.
9. If you do not want to spend much time on learning the basics of programming pay attention at 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS course. The authors of the course have prepared a monthly dose of 10-minute videos that explain how to create your first website.

10. JavaScript Garden is online webresource for the high-class webmasters. Here you may find out a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language.
If you still hesitate about studying programming, read 6 Amazing Success Stories About Self-Made Teenage Millionaires who earned their money working in the Internet!


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