Luck is freakish girl, do not waste your time!

Luck is freakish girl, do not waste your time!

If an Egyptian salesman hit the top, then I am sure you can do it either!

Who wants to be the first one in Google ranking? I want! I do not know whether you have heard the case when Google+ social network page owned by Saber, common Egyptian salesman, hit the Google ranking, if you haven`t, let me tell you.

Once Eyad Nour, an entrepreneur,  woke up and saw that social account of common Egyptian salesman took the firt place in Egyptian Google ranking :-) He was more than just surprised. “Maybe the reason is in the personalization of search,” was his first thought. He did the same actions in incognito mode, but Google showed the same results. TOP. “Perhaps this is a bug” – suggested Nour, but page has been viewed over 3.5 million times. (I think you will agree, that Google+ is not the most popular social network.) Then Nour decided to go to Saber, the owner of that page. He admitted that he had created the page a long time ago and even managed to forget about it. These words light Nura`s fire in this issue and he decided to find out what’s going on. Next day some person who introduced as Google consultant got in touch with Nour. According to him, testing of the new algorithm caused such results .

The story began so fairily, but the end is ordinary. They tested new algorithm. No matter that it was just luck,  Siber turned the error to his accout and advertised his services.

Well, let’s try to understand what factors effect Google ranking result.

1. Content is the staff of life. Yes, high-quality, informative textes take the first place. “Content is no longer a complement to search engine optimization, now it is in the center of SEO» said  Marcus Tober, SearchMetrics representative. Be generous with words, everything should be clear and on business.

2. SEO can be used instead of 1000 words. Clean code, the hierarchy of the site, links, tags …

3. The time spent on the site and click-through rate.

Here is my favorite :-)
4. The speed of site loading. Seriously, it is very important. Not only code, scripts, but hosting where all this beauty is located, play an important role in this question. In the case of, everything is simple. The new platform that contains servers with SSD (solid-state drive) to host the databases, allowing to increase the speed of all our clients’ sites many times more.

5. Https. Protection is valued in all areas of our life and the Web is not an exception. Google is also interested in this issue, that is why if your site begins with https, it is much more likely to get to the TOP. We can help you in this issue either. Unihost is not only hosting, VPS, dedicated server, but also domains and SSL. We will recommend you the most suitable option. Do you need to protect 1, 2 or 3 domains or all subdomains? All this is possible with Unihost.

To summarize. Yes, Saber should bless stars for such luck, but fast loading speed of your site and SSL protection can help you shoot ahead.  Both fast hosting and reliable SSL you find at Unihost.

Luck is frealish girl, act!


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