Why Do You Really Need a Personal Website?

Why Do You Really Need a Personal Website?

A personal website today is not a luxury, it is an urgent need. Are you interested, why? The reason is simple: you need a good job. The personal website has become one of the main conditions when applying for a job in the recent years.

The website is necessary if you want to develop your business. It is the way to promote yourself for the foreign audience, to expand the client base and work with buyers from all over the world. Even if you do not have a goal to bring your brand to the international level and turn it into a multinational corporation, you may still use the website. Looking for a new job, promoting your own local project, looking for like-minded people — web resource is useful for any purpose!

LinkedIn and the website: only together

Even if you have an impressive profile on LinkedIn, create a website also. It is a good way to show
your knowledge and professional skills to the employers. On LinkedIn you may attach documents, photos and even videos to your profile page, but you’ll always be limited in the amount of space. You will never have this kind of problem with a website, for sure. Another important thing: you may place reviews from your clients or customers on your website, you can not do it in social networks. We recommend you to use LinkedIn profile as a business card, which will lead to your website with the complete information about you. This is especially true for those who work in private, promote their own business.

Advantages of the personal website

The personal website has a lot of advantages. Forbes recently reported that more than 50% of all HR managers are interested in studying personal websites of the applicants. Your personal information from the website shows your professional qualities, knowledge and skills. By the way, according to statistics, today only 10% of applicants have a website, so creating is a significant competitive advantage for you.

The owner of the personal website has a lot of possibilities.

    1. Complete freedom to talk about yourself: text and visual content and design of the website can tell a lot about its owner.
    2. The opportunity to show how serious you are about your career. The manager will see that you are ready not only to write a CV, but you spend the time to create and develop your website.
    3. The website is a kind of archive, with the information about your education, previous work experience, professional achievements and hobbies.
    4. Your personal website is your hall of fame. Here you may post photos and videos from projects that you’re proud of, scans of degrees and awards, comments from your customers.

It all starts with a domain

What is the domain? We may compare it with the home address. For example, when we invite someone, we tell him the name of our street and the house number. When we become acquainted with the employer, we specify our domain name. We recommend you to include your name in the website address. Why? The first thing managers often do, is enter your first and last name in the search bar. In this case they will see your personal website easily. The website will be also useful for the search of more potential customers (if you already have your own business).
The best idea to register yourname.com website, but if this name is not free, do not get upset. There are plenty of the domain areas, so you may find the most suitable for yourself. Look at the most popular domain zones: .florist, .engineering, .tattoo, .photography, .guru… By the way, you may get a domain for free with any Web Hosting plan from Unihost. Hundreds of the domain zones were created last years, you have what to choose from!

Several steps to success

After choosing your domain decide how to build a website. You may cooperate with the web site developer. However, you need to be careful to find a real professional and spend a lot of time discussing the concept of the website, making the requirements specification and verifying the result.
It is much easier to create a web resource using simple and intuitive Website Builder or one of the popular CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.). Moreover, these tools are available absolutely for free with web hosting from Unihost.

4 tips how to make a really effective website:

    1. Place a short greeting, biography, work experience, listing/descriptions of the projects in which you participated, client testimonials, list of your publications, awards and patents on the website.
    2. Take a neutral tone: tell about your professional qualities avoiding the topics of politics and religion.
    3. Try to evaluate your website objectively. When you finish the work take a look at your website from the outside, remove everything that seems unnecessary. Ask the opinion of your relatives and friends, they may give you good advice.
    4. Check your contact information: email addresses, phone numbers, and instant messengers should be correct and available on every page of your website.

Once you have a website, add its address on your business cards, resume, email signature, LinkedIn profile. Even when you are working, do not stop to support the “viability” of the website: you never know at what moment you decide (or you will be forced) to change the job or what new contacts you will get thanks to the web resource.

Caution! Website Building may be fun for you

Do you remember classes in handicraft at school? A teacher probably gave you the task to make the layout of the school. What were your emotions? You start to work under whiplash, but enjoy in soon. You turn a cardboard box into the building, “light” the windows, and put trees and flower beds in the school yard. Website Building has a lot in common: a couple of hours to sort out the control panel, and you may create your own Universe! You will be surprised but it will be difficult to stop.
Develop your website and respond the requests for an interview. Believe me, you become a desirable employee for any company!
Create your website now!


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