Referral program


1. Payments

1.1 The amount of payment received under the referral program

The initial conditions for each of our clients who wish to participate in the referral program are as follows:

We pay 5% of the total turnover of all attracted clients on a monthly basis. The amount of payment (as a percentage) may be higher, for this you need to contact us through the ticket system to resolve such a request.

The decision to credit the payment or refuse it is made on the basis of paragraphs 1.2 and 1.3.

1.2 Conditions for receiving payments under the referral program

To receive payments, you need to attract at least 1 new client to our platform. Payments will be made from the 1st to the 7th day of the month for the previous one and only after the expiration of the minimum rental period of 1 month.

Example: you attracted a client, on March 16 he paid for his first order. On April 1 – 7, for this client, we do not make payments as the minimum billing cycle has not yet passed, but from May 1 to May 7 you receive funds in full for the remaining days of March and April.

If you want to withdraw funds outside of our platform, you need to open a new ticket for sales dep. and indicate in it your details for receiving funds. Decisions on the payment of remuneration for the referral program outside the platform are made jointly with the client and on a personal basis, the Unihost team undertakes to inform the client about the availability and amount of the payment processing commission. The commission for withdrawing funds outside the platform is paid by the client.

1.3 Conditions for not receiving payment under the referral program

Payment will not be received for each referred client who canceled the service before the end of the minimum billing cycle (1 month).

In case of receiving complaints about the servers of the attracted client, we reserve the right not to pay remuneration for him within the month of receipt of the complaint. Such a decision will be made by the responsible manager on a personal basis.

Payments will not be made in case of suspicion of a client’s multi-account until evidence to the contrary is provided on his part.

The list of violations by attracted clients, for which the payment of remuneration will not be credited, regardless of the circumstances:

А. Placement on the server of the following software and resources:

  • wares, backdoor, crack resources
  • phishing sites
  • resources that store and advertise adult content on child, rape, zoo, necro topics
  • Password guessing software (brute-force)
  • Tor networks
  • spam scripts
  • database of CVV codes
  • any viruses and other malware

B. Upon receipt by the attracted client from 3 similar complaints within 30 days. In this case, payments for this month will not be made.

The Unihost team also reserves the right not to pay rewards for referrals that violated our rules.

More details in the following document:

1.4 Terms and procedure for receiving payments

The calculation of remuneration with its subsequent accrual to the account will be made from the 1st to the 7th day of the current month for the previous one (approx. payment for April will be made in May) and in accordance with clauses 1.1 and 1.2.

In case of payment outside the platform, the terms for calculating and sending funds remain the same, but the terms for receiving them vary depending on the payment method.

Before the transfer of funds, the client receives a notification from our side about the amount of the future payment within the framework of our ticket system. Notification is necessary to agree on the amount of remuneration. Coordination is necessary for the implementation of paragraph 1.2. The absence of a response to a new message in such a ticket within 48 hours will be regarded by us as the client’s consent with the amount of remuneration and a signal for making payments.


2. Rules for using the promotional code

The client has the right to dispose of the promotional code at his own discretion.

In the case of proven intentional location of the promo code on community resources whose interests are contrary to our rules for the provision of services (clause 1.3, the list of violations by attracted clients for which the payment of remuneration will not be credited regardless of the circumstances) – the client is permanently deprived of payments under the referral program and the opportunity to participate in her.


3. The procedure for resolving disputes

In the event of a dispute regarding the payment of remuneration under the referral program, all communication is conducted exclusively through a verified communication channel, namely the ticket system.

If the client is suspected of violating the rules of the referral program, it is the client who must provide evidence of his innocence.

We have the right to stop communicating with the client on a controversial issue and permanently close it, but only if there are strong arguments in favor of just such a solution. Such arguments can be:

  • The violation of the rules of the referral program by the client, which we have proven, including clause 1.2;
  • Lack of constructiveness in the client’s answers;
  • Refusal by the client to provide us with the requested information without suggesting alternatives.