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  • Dedicated servers tailored for any project.

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Parameters Germany   Canada / France
Unlimited traffic up to 1 Gbps up to 3 Gbps
Guaranteed bandwidth 1 Gbps 500 Mbps
Traffic unlimited, up to 100 TB outgoing unlimited
IP up to 37 IPs up to 256 IPs
Backup space 100 GB, up to 10 TB 500 GB, up to 10 TB
DDoS protection - free, up to L7
Name server access free free
KVM over IP / IPMI free, up to 3 hours free, full time
Help with settings and migration free free
Premium administration available available

Benefits and technologies available with our server in France and Canada:

  • Virtual Rack
    vRack allows to connect several servers into one virtual network (VLAN).

    Great for protecting commercial and secure data.

  • DDoS protection
    Servers in France and Canada are coming with up to L7 DDoS protection.

    Every project needs this today. Are you protected?

  • Cisco ASA firewall
    Additional firewall protection connected directly to your server and router.

    Cisco ASA firewalls are perfect for game servers, ecommerce and streaming.

  • Management
    Basic and extended server management, rented at Unihost. Initial server setup is free!

    Market price - $20/hour, our price - $49/month(!).

  • KVM over IP/IPMI
    Remote server management using JAVA-applet. Available 24/7, totally free.

    A handy feature for administrators and tech guys.

  • Extended bandwidth
    Dedicated 1Gbit/s bandwidth only for your server. Use cases: Download, VOD, Streaming.

    A perfect solution for streaming-projects: online movies, video-hosting etc.

Even more benefits for our long-term partners!

We value our customers and we are pleased when you show loyalty and choose our services for long-term partnership. We are glad to offer you reduced prices for the dedicated servers order:

  • 2.5% OFF upon ordering a server for 6 months
  • 5% OFF upon ordering a server for 12 months
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