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  • Dedicated Servers for Big Data
    • Unlimited Bandwidth 1Gbps
    • ISPmanager 5 Lite Control panel for free
    • Up to 38 IPv4 for each server, IPv6 support
    • 100 GB of backup storage for free
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DataSave range

Dedicated servers of the File Server line-up are made to host and distribute large amounts of data. They are perfect for file storage, file sharing or a streaming service or any other project that requires up to 90 TB of storage and a lot of processing power.

Servers of this line-up can also be used as a confidential corporate storage. They are protected from DDoS and are located in a reliable German datacenter. Servers have unlimited bandwidth and 1 Gbit/s connection, which makes them able to withstand any traffic peaks.

Setting up and activating a server in Germany usually takes up to few hours on business days.
Activation of nonstandard configuration may take up to 5 business days.
With each server of DataSave range you get these benefits and advantages:
  • Unlimited traffic 1Gbps

    Your website is available around the world in a split second

    Each server in Germany is connected to 1Gbps uplink with no port speed limits. Incoming and internal bandwidth is unlimited, although the outgoing traffic is.
    In case of reaching monthly traffic limits of 30 TB for DE-S1, 50 TB for DE-S2 and 100 TB for DE-S3 (only outcoming traffic counts, incoming and inside traffic does not count), connection to internet is not blocked, but its speed lowers to 10 MBit/s and traffic becomes unlimited. This limit is permanent but you can set back former speed in two different ways. Note, that Option 2 can only be chosen once. If limit excess happens again then it is only possible to choose Option 1.
    1. If you expect traffic limit excess on a permanent basis, 1Gbps (200mbps for DE-S1) permanent connection is provisioned upon paying exceeded traffic amount, based on each prevalent TB - 3,50 USD.
    2. If overlimit was a one-off and you are not expecting an overlimit in the future, we can remove the restriction and set the speed back to normal. For doing that, you have to send a request to sales@unihost.com, where you need to clearly describe reasons of overlimit and what measures were made so it will not happen again. For example: the reason of overlimit was *name* app, which is already deleted.
  • Up to 37 IPs for each server

    Your own Internet space

    Each dedicated server comes with a single IPv4 address and /64 IPv6 subnet. It is possible to purchase 6 single IPv4 addresses for extra costs (except DE-S2 and DE-S3, only 1 additional IP is available there, although you can order subnets for these models). It is also possible to activate one /27 subnet for each server or its equivalent with /28 and /29 subnets.

    You can order additional IP addresses or subnets during your order or after server setup on demand. Please include information about the purpose of these IP addresses, what are you planning to use them for: these are RIPE requirements.

  • 100 GB free backup storage

    Up to 10 Tb for backups on external storage

    With each dedicated server in Germany, you get free 100 GB of backup space on external server.

    Increase the size of backups

    In order to satisfy your requirements about the size of backups, we provide the possibility to increase the space up to 10 Tb for extra money (you can view available space for backups and prices in a table below).

    Changing the size of backups do not require transferring of data to a new account.

    Transport Protocols

    You can access your backups server through FTP, SFTP and SCP protocols. In this regard, the assigned name of backup server is used (username.your-backup.de) as well as the account name and password.
  • Free DDoS protection

    DDoS protection

    After completing a thorough examination of systems' ability to resist DDoS attacks, Datacentre in Germany has implemented DDoS protection mitigation tools, which mainly consist of Arbor and Juniper hardware, into datacentre network. Three-layer system enables to clearly distinguish between valid traffic and malicious attacks.

    1. Automated recognition of attack patterns
    In addition to recognizing an attack based on the amount of traffic or the number of packets, we at datacentre will be able to clearly define the actual attack and then to specifically home in on and react to that particular type of attack. For example, a UDP flood with 500k pps is harmless for a server. A 500k SYN packet, however, could pose a problem. Our DDoS protection tools can detect precisely this type of difference.

    2. Filtering traffic for known attack patterns
    This method allows us to effectively filter out the most commonly known attacks by putting them through traffic scrubbing filters. The method is especially successful at scrubbing out the following types of attacks: DNS reflection, NTP reflection, and UDP floods on port 80.

    3. Challenge-response authentication and dynamic traffic filtering
    In this final layer, we filter out attacks in the form of SYN floods, DNS floods, and invalid packets. We are also able to flexibly adapt to other unique attacks and to reliably mitigate them. The above technologies support a high level of automation, which in turn will continue to be optimized step by step. We can improve the system by analyzing each attack and constantly adjusting our filters and responses.

    Our system will detect DDoS attacks at all times, and its ability to recognize them will continually improve. Once an attack is recognized, the dynamic DDoS protection tools will immediately go into action and will filter out the attack.
  • Full server control

    Remote server management, reboot via Client Area included

    After your server is activated, you'll get all data at your email, so you can access and manage your server, including full root access. Besides, you can reboot your server in three different right straight from your Client Area: 1) Ctrl+Alt+Delete (software method); 2) hardware reset; 3) manual reset performed by datacenter tech team (includes server check).

    Remote server management via IPMI / KVM over IP

    Dedicated servers of the DataSave line DE-S2 and DE-S3  come with implemented remote server control  KVM-over-IP module. To activate it, it is necessary to purchase an additional IP address. There are no extra costs (except the price of additional IP) for activation and usage of KVM. For the server DE-S1 there it’s not possible to activate the permanent KVM module, but as for any server in Germany, you can get temporary access through the KVM-over-IP device by request.

    ISPmanager 5 Lite Control panel free of charge

    We give away one of the best web-hosting management control panels with absolutely every Dedicated server from Unihost. While in a Cart, make sure to choose ISPmanager Control panel in Free control Panel Licenses block.
  • Administration and migration

    Basic administration plan comes free with each server and includes:

    • help with OS: installing, tuning, updating, installing core modules
    • transferring your project from another server and basic tuning
    • installing Windows and Linux services
    • antivirus check, bruteforce protection software installation
    • setting up control panel, additional extensions and modules
    • free password reset upon its loss (only for Linux systems)
    • consultation and help with diagnosis and solving the problems.
    In order to contact our technical support, you may use live chat feature (please sign in with your Unihost account first) or ticket system. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to log into your Unihost to leave a reply, you may send it straight from your email, under which you've signed up at Unihost.com. Our email address for technical inquiries is support@unihost.com. Our team will get in touch ASAP (usually within 1 hour).

Even more benefits for our long-term partners!

We value our customers and we are pleased when you show loyalty and choose our services for long-term partnership. We are glad to offer you reduced prices for the dedicated servers order:

  • 2.5% OFF upon ordering a server for 6 months
  • 5% OFF upon ordering a server for 12 months
Upgrade options for Dedicated Servers: DataSave range

In order to fit every projects needs, you can always upgrade your servers with the following options:

  • Upgrade name
    Setup fee
    Price, monthly
  • IPMI / KVM-over-IP, for 3 hours
    free, on demand
  • Graphical KVM, only for DE-S2, DE-S3
    1 additional IP needed
  • Additional IPs v4:
  • 1 IP (6 IPs at max), only for DE-S1
  • /29 Subnet (6 usable IPs)
  • /28 Subnet (14 usable IPs)
  • /27 Subnet (30 usable IP)
  • Backup storage on external server:
  • 100 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1000 GB
  • 2000 GB
  • 5000 GB
  • 10000 GB
  • USB-Stick:
  • 16 GB
  • 32 GB
  • RAM Upgrade 64 -> 128 GB
  • 5-Port Gbit switch
  • 8-Port Gbit switch
  • Flexi Pack (extension pack)
Options mentioned below can only be activated with Flexi Pack on
  • 4-Port Hardware-RAID Controller, only for DE-S1
  • 1 Gbit Intel Network card

Didn't find the right option for you? Hit us up via Live Chat (in the bottom right corner) and our experts will help you find the right solution.

Software available for automatic installation on the servers:
Linux/Unix distributions
Windows Server distributions

The software mentioned above can be chosen during your dedicated server order. After your server is activated, this software will be automatically installed and you will get all credentials in order to start working with desired Software.

If you need another software to be installed, you can install your own software with our administrators help or install it yourself using IPKVM access.