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  • Cisco ASA firewall

    Protect yourself from intrusion attempts with Cisco ASA firewalls.

    Simple and quick to manage, you configure your filtering rules directly from a graphical interface in https:// client access through Java.

Cisco ASA Firewall

Firewall uses:

The Cisco ASA firewall ensures maximum protection, thanks to its many features:

  • Application Inspection: control application, support of voice and video protocols
  • Intrusion Prevention: real-time protection against attacks from DOS applications, detection and filtering of worms and viruses in network activity, detection of spyware, adware and malware
  • Securing IPCom: Advanced inspection of voice protocols, specific IP signatures
  • SSL and IPsec Connectivity: protected IPSec and SSL services, SSL services with client or portal
  • Manage up to 450 Mbps of traffic (via ASA5520)
  • Transparent mode only ("routed" mode not available)

Operating principle


Your firewall is connected directly between your server and the datacentre router.

Cisco Management Interface

Cisco Management Interface

The Cisco firewall is delivered with an administration console. You can see some screenshots of the interface below:

Cisco Management Interface - unihost.com - [1]
Cisco Management Interface - unihost.com - [2]
Cisco Management Interface - unihost.com - [3]
Cisco Management Interface - unihost.com - [4]

With the Cisco ASA firewall, you get a physical firewall dedicated to the protection of your server.

We deploy and activate this equipment for you. More powerful than a software firewall, the Cisco ASA cannot be disabled by human error or malware. In addition, protection remains active regardless of the level of resources available on your dedicated server.

Model Cisco ASA 5505 Cisco ASA 5510 Cisco ASA 5520
Maximum Firewall Traffic (Mbps) Up to 100 Mbps Up to 100 Mbps Up to 450 Mbps
Maximum Connections 10,000 50,000 280,000
Maximum New Connections/second 4000 9000 12,000
Maximum New Connections/second 4000 9000 12,000
Setup fee 30.00 548.99 1,099.00
Price 30.00 179.01 329.00

Note: It is not possible to migrate a firewall from a dedicated server to a Virtual Rack. You will have to terminate your equipment and pay the setup fee for a new firewall.