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Administrating service

Basic Administration service is provided with every virtual or dedicated server and includes basic server tuning for free (if t s made during the first three days after purchasing) and work on one of your incidents.

Premium Administration service includes work on the list of your tasks in priority and extra order. With the Premium Administrating service you get 3 (three) incidents per month.

Both Basic and Premium Administration is a configuration option and is referred to the main service. If you have two servers you can order Premium Administrating service for each of them. We can work on three incidents per month for every service, but we can not work on 6 incidents for only one server.

To create an incident we advise you to use the corresponding section in your Client Area - Create a new ticket.

One incident is equal to one request (ticket). In the first message of the request you should write clear and final variant of the TT (technical task). If there are any additions to this TT in your later messages we will equate them to the new incident. The number of available incidents for every packet you may find in the list of tasks. Please, pay attention on the examples of the applications on this page.

In case when your TT is correct we engage ourself to start working at the task in 20 minutes from the moment when we receive your message (as usual we receive your messages in 10 minutes after sending). Pay attention: if your TT is not correct our specialist will contact with you in 20 minutes to get more specific information.

VPS transferring from the other web hosting is an exception. Sometimes there may be huge data so the transfer takes a lot of time. As usual it depends on data capacity.

After finishing their task our specialists must send you a message with the information about the work that was done and a request to confirm the correctness of it. You have to answer this message during 6 hours from the moment you get it. If you have some claims to the quality of our work you may write this information in the reply and our specialists will do the necessary corrections (this is available only if the files and the server tuning was not changed from the moment our specialists finished their work). If you do not reply during 6 hours after getting message from us the task is considered to be done and the incident - to be over.

In the case if you order Premium Administration service separately from the main service you will get a bill for the period that is left till the next payment for the main service. Later the Premium Administration service will be included to the bill for the main service according to the bill period you have chosen.

Money back for the Premium Administration service is not available according to the Money back guarantee.