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Service Level Agreement

Why it is better to stay with us company constantly keeps an eye on the quality of services provided, as well as on current trends in the development of web hosting.

Due to the collaboration with leading data centers and software developers, we can provide everyone with a unique platform to host sites over the Internet, and keep their work stable and productive.

  • Fully automated procedure of payments and service activation. You get access to your account almost immediately after payment confirmation.
  • VPS ang Hosting Control Panels allow you to perform all necessary steps to set up and operate your sites without involvment of our employees.
  • We provide all related services (domain registration, SSL certificates, etc.), so that you can develop your projects at most without wasting of time looking for the services needed.
  • Our support is ready to help you solv any problems at any time.
  • If for some reason our services are not satisfying for you, we are ready to help you get your money back.
For shared hosting services and virtual servers (VPS), we guarantee the following indicators of performance:
  1. *Minimum indicator of uninterrupted service: 99.9%.
  2. Average packet loss per month is not more than 0.5%.
  3. Response time to the emergencies:
    • Shooting of critical errors that directly affect the services performance - no more than 12 hours.
    • Troubleshooting that do not directly affect the operation of the service must be carried out no more than withinh 24 hours.
  4. We ourselves or employees of data centers carry out planned technical works on the servers and routers from time to time. We will notify you in advance (at least 3 days in advance) about time and duration of such works.
  5. Response time of technical support on a request received is no more than 4 hours. Response from the support must contain the expected time to solve a problem or confirmation of the solved problem.
  6. In cases where the quality of service differs from the one stated in paragraphs 1-5, you are entitled to claim compensation as a percentage of the monthly payment of a Subscriber on an Agreement, but not more than 100% of the monthly payment and not more than once per calendar month . The amount of compensation is calculated according to the following table:
    Under the service time-out according to the paragraph 1:
    • from 99.0% to 99,9% - 1%
    • from 97.9% to 98.9% - 5%
    • from 95% to 97.8% - 10%
    • from 90% to 94.9% - 25%
    • from 89.9% and less — 60%-100%
    Example: Simple downtime of service made up 8 hours per month (30 days), which is 1.1%. Therefore Uptime service is 98.9%, which equals to the 5% compensation of the monthly payment of a Subscriber on an Agreement (according to the above mentioned table).

Attention! Compensation won't be paid to the customer details of and can only be credited to the customer personal balance in our system.

*-Availability of network equipment and servers that contain hosting accounts and virtual servers is implied. Planned technical works are not considered as downtime.