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Comodo certificate

Comodo Group — founded in 1998 in the U.S., software manufacturer and SSL certificate supplier is currently one of the largest suppliers of SSL certificates in the world.

The company became known for its free firewall, and subsequently other free products. Instructions for obtaining the SSL certificate.


By validation type
By protection type
By brand

Please note that the certificates issuing time may vary in accordance with the rules of certification centers and depends on the appropriate action to complete the processing of certificates.*

More about SSL validation methods
  • D
    Certificates with domain validation
    To obtain this type of certificate you only have to confirm that you own the domain or that you are its authorized representative. Ordering this type of certificate is available to both individuals and legal entities. When ordering a certificate you'll need to specify the Verification Email (email for confirmation). Typically, this is either the email address of the domain administrator taken automatically from Whois, or the address from standard set: admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, webmaster@, postmaster@ at your domain for which the certificate is issued. By default we use address (where is the domain name for which the certificate is issued) . This address must be valid email address as Certification Center sends all the instructions and notices as well as the code of the certificate at this email address. Note, that if the domain name for which you want to register a certificate contains "hints" to the bank, forex or other organizations associated with financial transactions, then you need to purchase only certificate with organization check.
  • D+O
    Certificates with domain and organization validation
    While registering certificates with organization check not only the domain name is checked, but also the belonging of certified domain to specific organization. Any visitor of the site protected by such a certificate will be able to see the name of your organization and be sure that the domain is really yours. Before applying for a certificate with the organization check make sure that in your Whois domain information your organization is indicated as domain owner, not the chief officer or system administrator. The process of verification will be considerably simplified if your organization data are listed in one of the official public databases of legal entities in the Internet. Otherwise, you will have to send copies of documents proving the reality of your organization.
  • EV
    EV (Extended Validation)
    EV characters in the title of the certificate mean the extended check of your organization or, as they are called, certificates with the "green address bar". For this type of certificate you need to pass all the checks including sending a special form with the data of your organization, certified by signature and seal. As a result, these certificates have the highest confidence of the browsers. With the "green address bar" browser indicates visitors that your site has been seriously checked, and all traffic between your website and the visitor is secure.
    This is how "green address bar" looks in different browsers: This is how