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Nuclear OpenVZ VPS with SSD

New equipment. Pure SSD. Unlimited traffic.

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Three reasons to choose OpenVZ VPS:

  • The load on your website doesn't spike
  • Your clientbase grows steadily
  • You need protection against DDoS
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Take a look at cheap dedicated servers
Loyalty program: discounts
and lowered prices on control panel!

We value long-term cooperation with our customers and that's why have prepared a special offer for those who want to invest in development of their sites and projects. With purchasing any OpenVZ virtual server for a period of 3 months or more, you pay less each month. Your savings calculated*:

  • 3 months2.5%;
  • 6 months5%;
  • 1 year10%.

* - VPS pricing with discount is being displayed upon choosing correct period and applies automatically upon ordering.

Лицензия ISPmanager от Unihost.com

Besides, with any OpenVZ VPS order you get popular and easy-to-use ISPmanager 5 control panel with special reduced pricing!

Standard ISPmanager 5 Lite pricing: 4.01/month.

ISPmanager 5 Lite pricing for usage on Unihost.com servers: 2.43/month.

You can add the license with discounted price upon ordering and confirming your order on the "Cart" step.

Benefits of having your website at Unihost:
  • Unlimited 500 Mbps bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPv4 + 10 IPv6
  • Professional DDoS protection free of charge
  • Ready-to-go OS and software images
  • Root access
  • Daily Backup
  • Free access to DNS servers
  • 24/7 support
  • Free administration
  • Free website transfer
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Moneyback guarantee

OpenVZ virtualization type is based on the effective resources distribution basis: several isolated copies of one OS run on one physical server.. This way, end-user gets a fully established virtual server, which is similar to a dedicated server, but at the same time costs way less.

Virtual servers work fast and steadily. All VPS owners get a decent CPU and memory in order to make their projects work smoothly.

With our VPS you also get:
  • Unlimited Traffic up to 500 Mbit/s

    Peak network capacity: 1Gbps

    Unihost.com physical servers for VPS are connected to the channel with 500 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth and the highest possible network capacity of 1 Gbps.
  • Dedicated IPv4 + 10 IPv6

    Dedicated IP addresses

    With any OpenVZ and KVM virtual server you are getting 1 dedicated IPv4 address and 10 IPv6 addresses for free. You can order extra IPv6 for free if you need them.

    An additional IPv4 address costs 1.62/mo. Please, contact our technical supports to know how many IPv4 addresses we can provide you at the moment.
  • Full control over your server

    Remote control your VPS

    Order a VPS and get an e-mail with a full root access as well as an access to SolusVM control panel in the next hour.

    Control panel provides some basic instruments for running a server, including an ability to stop it, reboot it or even reinstall everything from scratch.

    If you order KVM VPS, you also get access to VNC Remote Control. It allows you to access your server even if it's configured incorrectly or you have no SSH access. Essentially, it is a remote desktop with a graphical interface and control over input devices.
  • Free access to Name-servers

    Manage DNS records in your personal account settings at Unihost.com

    All owners of Unihost.com VPS or VDS get access to the company's Name servers. You no longer need to constantly ask your registrar and wait until they change the settings — on the Unihost name servers you have full access to DNS records.

    You can manage domains on Unihost Name-servers — ns1.skydns.net и ns2.skydns.net — directly from Unihost.com.
  • Robust 24/7 Support

    Our technical support is ready to help you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

    Got a question? To contact technical support, you can use online chat, phone, ticket or e-mail. Our engineers answer all questions as fast as they can and even during peak hours will respond within 1-2 hours.
  • Help with website transfer

    Free management for all Unihost servers

    Basic management includes:

    • OS installation and setup;
    • VPS transfer from any other hosting and connection of virtual hard drive image;
    • Installation and setup of Linux services;
    • Antivirus check;
    • Control panel installation;
    • Free password reset on Linux systems;
    • Consultation and help with diagnosing and solving the problems.

    Basic management is free for all Unihost.com clients.
Single SSD-based VPS activation takes about 5 minutes after the payment has been processed.
Please note that in some cases the activation may delayed until the full order verification is complete.

VPS extensions and extras:

Control Panel licenses

  • ISPmanager 5 Lite (internal license) 4.01 2.43/mo
  • cPanel/WHM VPS Optimized 15.39/mo

Network settings

  • Additional IP (up to 16)* 1.62/mo

VPS specs upgrade

  • Additional 512 MB RAM* 2.43/mo
  • Additional 1 GB RAM* 4.05/mo
  • Additional 5 GB SSD* 4.05/mo
  • Double CPU cores amount* 4.05/mo

* - these options can only be added on demand. We do not guarantee we can provide these because of limited server resources.

VPS with SSD are 14 times faster than with HDD

Compare VPS performance in details
OpenVZ VPS is not enough for your project?
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Unlimited 500Mbps bandwidth
  • Round the clock support and administration
  • Professional DDoS protection free of charge