Verification is an identity confirmation procedure. According to Unihost Public Offer, we reserve a right to refuse you access to some of our services and some methods of payment without a complete verification.

We only use photographs of government issued ID’s for the verification process.

How to take a good photo for the verification

  1. Place a document, open, with your photo, full name and signature clearly seen, on the piece of paper.
  2. Write down on the piece of paper For [date] [full_name] [signature].
    1. [date] — the date the photo is being taken.
    2. [full_name] — your full name and surname. They should match the one in the document and fields registrant and admin-c of your domain.
    3. [signature] — your signature
  3. Cover the document number with a strip of paper.
  4. Take a picture.

Before sending it to, make sure that your full name, your photo, your signature (both in the document and on the piece of paper) and all the government stamps are clearly seen.