According to 3.5.5. of our Public Offer, all public operations that include changing domain owner, domain registrar (inner and outer transfer), and also domain cancellation, are provided after the client verification procedure.

The only confirmation of client’s identity can be a scan of an passport (pages with client’s photo, full name and signature), driver license or any other ID with photo and the seal of federal or any other institution.

A passport should be placed on a paper sheet with the following handwritten information: “For [Date] [Full Name] [Signature]”, where [Date] – is the date the photo was taken, [Full Name] – is client’s full name in the passport that shall be the same as the name in the “domain registrant” field or “admin” field.

For safety reasons it is possible to cover the serial number of passport or other ID with a piece of paper.

Full name, client’s signature (in the ID and on the paper), client’s photo and also holograms, seals and other information that is necessary for current type of ID should be clearly visible.

lease note that these security measures have been taken first of all to provide the highest level of our clients’ data safety.

Here’s a tip. Don’t miss a chance to register domains using your real data. According to Russian and Ukrainian legislation personal information on Whois is under protection and not accessible to third parties without permission of the owner. Data protection of these domains is enabled automatically. There is Whois Privacy Protect service for other (international) domains that is available for free for most of domains available for registration at our company.