There are special verification procedures for .ru and .рф domains. If you purchase or transfer a domain in those zones, you have to provide:

  • A picture of your passport’s main page (the one with your photo and full name). Your passport’s number and series have to be clearly seen.
  • A picture of your passport’s page with your current place of residence clearly listed.

How to make a proper picture to pass the verification

  1. Place a document, open, with your photo, full name and signature clearly seen, on the piece of paper.
  2. Write down on the piece of paper For [date] [full_name] [signature].
    1. [date] — the date the photo is being taken.
    2. [full_name] — your full name and surname. They should match the one in the document and fields registrant and admin-c of your domain.
    3. [signature] — your signature
  3. Take a picture.
  4. Repeat with another page.

Before sending the picture to, make sure that your full name, your photo, your signature (both in the document and on the piece of paper) and all the government stamps are clearly seen.