The responsibilities of technical support include:

– Respond to problems of inoperative hosting services: e-mail, MySQL, Apache, FTP, SSH.

– Provide necessary information regarding the correct hosting settings.

– Enable caching system and limit the load for accounts that are subject to DDOS attacks or create excessive load on the server, thus causing obstacles to the work of other hosting accounts on the server.

– Block accounts without notice for spamming, violation of Ukrainian legislation and international laws.

– Notify customers about planned engineering works on servers.

The responsibilities of technical support do not include the following tasks:

– Install and configure scripts and programs, even if the client himself is not able to do this.

– Carrying out for customer operations, which customer is able to make himself with the hosting control panel.

– Provide technical support to individuals who are not customers of

– Configure Shared hosting server settings to personal requirements of the customer (except for those settings that can be changed by the customer in the Hosting Control Panel ). In case of the need to empower Shared hosting customer can purchase a dedicated or VPS-server.

– Provide training for working with computers and programs.

– Make customization of the software on the client computer, especially over the phone.

– Answer questions that do not have sense, and are not related to the services of

The order of processing requests:

– Customer support is carried out on the basis of a request generated through the “Support Center” or sent to e-mail at [email protected]

– Communication with our sales department is based on a request generated through the “Support Center” or sent to e-mail at [email protected]

– Requests made through other channels (telephone, online chat, etc.) are considered to be unofficial and responses to them have advisory character.

– Requests are processed in order they are received. The response time depends on the complexity of the problem and load of the department.

– Answers to frequently asked questions or standard questions may be given in the form of links to the appropriate page at website.

In case customer is unsatisfied with response to his request he may complain to the manager by e-mail at [email protected] The complaint must specify the number of support ticket regarding which the claim arose. The answer to the complaint must be issued no later than three working days after the filing of the complaint.

Support Schedule


How to ask a question

Before addressing support service please look through the information available on the subject in the Knowledge Base. If the problem is similar to the situation described in the Knowledge Base , but requires further explanation, please provide a link to the original document.

Prepare a question, think of it. Ask meaningful, specific questions, accurately and in detail describe the problem. Carefully describe the symptoms of the problems detected.