VPS is much better than shared hosting, but in order to see that for yourself, you have to transfer. And it might not be as easy as it sounds, especially if the hosting is based on cPanel while the VPS runs ISPmanager.

How to transfer from shared hosting to Unihost VPS

Go to Unihost.com and hit us up in chat. Or create a direct ticket request. After that, just mind your own business, we’ll handle the transfer ourselves once we have a free support manager. Generally, all non-priority tickets are processed in 8 hours or so. We’ll contact you to check the results once we are done.

But if you don’t want to contact support or want to do everything by yourself — use the manual below.

How to transfer a website from a shared hosting to a VPS with ISPmanager

In order to transfer a website from a shared hosting to a VPS, you need to grab the website files and database from the shated hosting. Let’s start with the database.

How to dump the database from the shared hosting

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click on the phpMyAdmin.DS_111217_158167
  3. Pick the database you need to the left. See the list of tables in the main window.DS_071217_ebf289
  4. Click Export.DS_071217_b13578
  5. Click Go and save the file in a secure location.DS_071217_be4551

Now you need to transfer the website’s files. The easiest way to do this is via the archive.

How to archive your website on the hosting

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click File Manager.DS_111217_7a1c34
  3. Open the public_html folder.DS_071217_625a59
  4. Click Settings.DS_111217_956e39
  5. Place a checkmark at Show Hidden Files (dotfiles). Click ОК.DS_111217_8fa342
  6. Click Select All.DS_111217_d86b1b
  7. Click Compress.DS_111217_d821b4
  8. Pick the ZIP-archive and click Compress file(s).DS_111217_19ceda
  9. See the compression results. Click Close.DS_071217_1d4fa4
  10. Click on the .zip-file (usually named after the first website folder)DS_071217_0a97da
  11. Click Download. Save to the same place where you saved the database.DS_111217_9d9e27

How to restore a website from an archive to the VPS

First of all, you need to add a domain to the VPS.

  1. Log into the ISPmanager on your VPS. The link to it, as well as your login and password were sent to you in an email after you paid the bill.DS_111217_d25387
  2. Click Dashboard > Domain names.DS_111217_b0770a
  3. Click Add.DS_111217_41a6ac
  4. Type in your domain name. If it’s located not on the Unihost NS-servers, then write down the correct ones under Name servers.DS_111217_6605c9
  5. Click ОК.

 Now we need to create a folder on the VPS, where we will upload the files.

  1. Click Dashboard > File managerDS_111217_127e2f
  2. Open the www folder.DS_071217_1a3430
  3. Click Add.DS_111217_6d354c
  4. Under Type pick Directory. In the Name field enter the domain name — the same you used to create a domain. Click ОК.DS_111217_552183
  5. Open the folder with your domain.DS_071217_f19b06
  6. Click Upload.DS_111217_30537e
  7. Pick a file with your website’s archive.DS_111217_adff9b
  8. Click ОК and wait until the upload is over.
  9. Pick an archive that we just uploaded to the server.DS_071217_dfa09f
  10. Click Extract.DS_111217_05c123
  11. Click ОК.DS_111217_4b5123

Now your VPS has all the website’s files, but it still does not work. That’s because you need to restore the database too.

How to restore a database on the VPS

  1. Log into the ISPmanager.
  2. Click Dashboard > Databases.DS_111217_03fd8b
  3. Click Add.DS_111217_511120
  4. Under Name enter the same database name it had on the shared hosting.DS_111217_b1a003
  5. Under User Name, Password and Confirm password, type the same data the database had on the shared hosting.
  6. Click ОК.
  7. Click on the new database.DS_071217_03520d
  8. Click Upload.DS_111217_157bf0
  9. Pick our database dump from the shared hosting.DS_111217_0e2cf8
  10. Click ОК.

Now the website is completely operational. The only thing left to do is update the name servers to point to your VPS instead.

How to update the DNS records after transferring the website to the VPS

After you transferred your website to the VPS, you need to update the DNS records at your domain’s registrar and notify it of your new IP-address. 

If your domain was bought at or transferred to Unihost, you can use the DNS Record Management manual. If your domain is registered at another provider, contact their support and ask how can you update the records.

If you still have questions, or are having any issues during the transfer, contact us via the chat at Unihost.com. Our support technicians are always online and happy to help.