There are a couple of ways to access the Unihost backup storage.

FileZilla (FTP)

In order to access the backup storage via FTP, you need an FTP-client.

Unihost recommends FileZilla. So:

  • Install Filezilla
    • On Ubuntu open the terminal and run sudo apt install filezilla.
    • On Windows download the installer and run it.
  • Launch FileZilla. At the top of the window fill out the quickconnect panel:
    • Under Host enter sftp://storage_ip.
    • Under Username enter the username for the storage.
    • Under Password enter the password.
  • Click Quickconnect and connect to the storage.

You can also get access to the storage directly via the terminal, using the SFTP protocol. It not particularly suitable for being a primary option due to an inconvenient control method.


NFS stands for Network File System. In theory this means that you can access remote storage without any additional software. In practice, it causes a lot of issues with the sleep mode and shutdown.

So let’s solve this with an autofs module.

sudo apt-get install autofs

Open the autofs settings file.

sudo gedit /etc/auto.master

Add this at its end:

/nfs /etc/auto.nfs --timeout=60

Save and close the file.

Create the config file and folder.

nfs sudo touch /etc/auto.nfs && sudo mkdir /nfs

Open the new config file.

sudo gedit  /etc/auto.nfs

Add this at the end of the file.

server  -rw,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192

Where is the server address and path to the folder you need.

After that you can mount it with cd /nfs/server/. The storage will be available in Nautilus.


In order to access the storage via SMB, just go to smb://storage_address and enter your login and password.