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The PHP versions currently supported are:

5.6 - only for master037 and master038 servers.

You may change PHP version on these servers: or

First you have to log in to web hosting control panel (ISPManager) using your login and password:
Change PHP version

Go to “PHP Version” (“World Wide Web” tab)
Change PHP version
You will see “Change PHP version” page with the available PHP versions and the list of our web sites with the current PHP version.
PHP version change is done for all websites at the same time. It means tat you can not choose different PHP versions for different sites.
To change PHP version you have to choose the necessary version and press a proper button.:
Change PHP version
After doing this you will see the warning:
Change PHP version
Press “Ok” and PHP versions for all your websites will be changed. If you want to refuse from changing PHP version, press “Cancel”.
If your hosting account is at the the other server and you have to change PHP version, contact our technical supports via e-mail: [email protected]