To enable caching and compression on CloudVPS you should do the next.

1. Log in to your control panel – https://IP_ADDRESS:1500/ispmgr

2. Сlick on WWW-domains under the WWW tab.

3. Сlick on Edit.

    4. Scroll down to WWW-domain optimization.

Compression (GZIP) – Check the box to enable static content compression (GZIP) for this WWW-domain.
Compression level – Set the content compression level: 1 – minimum, 9 – maximum. Higher values use more system resources. The optimal value is 5.
Cache configuration – Check the box to activate caching for this WWW-domain.
Cache period – Select the cache period for this WWW-domain.
Cache duration – Enter the cache duration (values: 1 – 59 for seconds and minutes, 1 – x for days).

5. Hit the button OK.

You have successfully enabled caching and compression on CloudVPS.