Bill management is the main function of the Client Area. In the new CA we made bill management easier and added some long requested features.

How to see the Invoices Due

On the main page of the client area you can see all the invoiced, active services and domains.Screenshot-2017-10-25 Client Area - unihost com (2)

In order to see which services you need to pay for, click on the leftmost (red) button.

How to see the invoices log

You can also check all the invoices connected to your account:Screenshot-2017-10-25 Client Area - unihost com (4)

In this menu you can see all invoices: paid, cancelled, due and returned. You can download any invoice you want, pay for it or cancel it directly from the menu.Screenshot-2017-10-25 Client Area - unihost com (5)

If there are too many invoices, in the menu to the right you can filter different categories in and out.Screenshot-2017-10-25 Client Area - unihost com (6)


How to add funds to the Unihost account

Under Billing > Add funds you can add funds to the Unihost account. As long as you have funds on your account, all the invoices will be automatically paid.

Screenshot-2017-10-25 Client Area - unihost com

Just enter the amount of money you want to add and click Add Funds.

Screenshot-2017-10-25 Client Area - unihost com (1)

You will be issued a new invoice:

Screenshot-2017-10-25 Invoice #82882

Pick the method to pay the invoice, pay for it and see the money added to the account balance.

Screenshot-2017-10-25 Invoice #82882 (1)