Bulletproof Security Plugin is a plugin that protects WordPress websites from hackers by closing the security holes in the system. Unlike its many competitors, Bulletproof Security Plugin can be set up in a couple of clicks. But you need to install it first.

  1. Log into your Wordpress Dashboard;
  2. Click Plugins > Add new;DS_070817_0d1a61
  3. Enter Bulletproof Security Plugin in the search field;
  4. Find this plugin in the list and click Install Now;DS_070817_f93778
  5. Click Activate;DS_070817_3a0b81
  6. Click Setup Wizard;DS_070817_229f7e
  7. Click Setup Wizard once more.DS_070817_4074cd
  8. Click ОК.DS_070817_2236a0
  9. If the setup ended successfully, you’ll see this:DS_070817_9d1eda

Now you have login attempt limit on the website, as well as many other techniques that prevent hacking. You can check the security settings in BPS Security on your Dashboard.