Flickr is one of the most popular websites for hosting photos. Every Flickr user gets 1 TB to store their pictures for free. Therefore, it is much cheaper to store pictures on Flickr, than to store them on your own website.

Besides, you can integrate Flickr with WordPress directly and add Flickr pictures directly to your posts. You can even do this with the whole albums. To do this, you need a Flickr Album Gallery plugin.

How to install Flickr Album Gallery plugin

  1. Log into your Wordpress admin panel.
  2. Click Plugins.DS_060717_000008
  3. Click Add new.
  4. In the search field, enter Flickr Album Gallery.DS_060717_071a56
  5. Find this plugin in the search results.
  6. Click Install Now
  7. Wait until the installation is over and click Activate.DS_060717_fa91d9

Afterwards, you’ll see a new setting in the left sidebar — Flickr Image Gallery.

How to setup Flickr Album Gallery

Before you can use the plugin, you need an API key from Flickr. The one that comes with the plugin is for the testing purposes only. To get your own key:

  1. Log into Flickr.
  2. Go to the API key requisition page.
  3. Click Apply for your key online nowDS_050717_5fa958
  4. Click APPLY FOR A NON COMMERCIAL KEY (Or APPLY FOR COMMERCIAL KEY, which is paid, but allows you to use plugin for commercial purposes).DS_050717_9734fa
  5. In the field What’s the name of the app? enter Flickr Album Gallery.DS_050717_5ac6ef
  6. In the field What are you building? enter Flicker Album Gallery is a non commercial plugin  to display Flickr account Album Gallery on a WordPress blog.DS_060717_c55d05
  7. Check both marks on the page.DS_050717_e118f5
  8. Click Submit and you will go to the page with a key.
  9. Copy your key to a secure location. For example, to a hidden notepad at pastebin.DS_060717_a77685

How to add a Flickr gallery to the website

  1. Log into Wordpress.
  2. In the left sidebar click Flickr Image Gallery.DS_060717_0472e4
  3. Click Add New Gallery.
  4. In the field Enter Flickr API keypaste your API key we created earlier.DS_060717_9221d9
  5. In the field Enter Flickr Album ID, enter the ID of your Flickr album.
    1. To get it, open your album in the new tab. The rightmost symbol block in your URL is the ID you are looking for. For example, in, album ID is 72157645940621209.
  6. Under Show Gallery Title, choose whether the gallery title will be shown on the page.
  7. Click Publish.DS_060717_5722a8
  8. Copy the code from the widget Flickr Album Gallery Shortcode to the right.DS_060717_8372a7
  9. Paste that code in your Wordpress post.DS_060717_f5ee12
  10. Publish the post and enjoy your gallery!DS_060717_f49b85