Bulk domain registration allows you to register up to 100 domains at once, without need to wait while the system checks the domain availability one-by-one. It’s very useful when you are registering “mirrors” for your website in other domain zones or simply additional domains with selected keywords.

In order to register domains en masse, go to bulk domain registration page.

  1. Enter the domains for which you want to check availability. If you want to check the availability in different domain zones — enter only the domain name, without a zone.
  2. Choose the domain zones that interest you to the right. Please note, that the button Choose all means “choose all in the category”, not “choose absolutely every domain zone”.DS_200617_4714c0
  3. Click Search and wait until you are presented with a list.
  4. By default, the order includes all available domains. But if you decide not to buy any of them, you can simply uncheck the mark.DS_200617_08f62c
  5. Click Add to your cart.
  6. Choose the term you are buying the domains for and click Checkout.DS_200617_cd6fc2
  7. Choose the contact details for the domain registration and click Next.DS_200617_6300d8
  8. Choose the payment method and click Continue.
  9. Click Continue once more.
  10. Finalize the payment.

Your new domains will be automatically added to your account. You will be able to access them from the Client Area.