The new Client Area gives you a way to manage and monitor your Dedicated Server directly.

  1. Click Services > My Services
  2. Pick the server you want to manage and click Manage Product.AT_121017_lCnwOZqV
  3. On the new page you will see the access data to the server, FTP and the new backup storage, as well as a list of the additional IP addresses. The server management menu is also located here:AT_121017_LqyNunSK

Server management menu contains the following sections:

  1. Details. This section has 4 subsections:
    1.  Service info. Here you can see the main characteristics of the server (the data center it’s located at, the primary IP, the OS etc.).AT_121017_UpjT2oJr
    2. Hardware info. Here you can see the detailed server hardware configuration (CPU, RAM, motherboard etc.):AT_121017_AdbVtZU0
    3. CPU. A more detailed info on the CPU.AT_121017_FVU14k1i
    4. Compatible licenses. A list of available licensed OS.AT_121017_vcfz99_M
  2. Monitoring. A detailed server monitoring tool. Three lists help you define what exactly graph you want to see:
    1. Traffic/Errors/Packages
    2. Upload/Download
    3. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/AnnualAT_121017_xwLzsiB0
  3. Power. Power management section. Contains 3 subsections:
    1. RebootMenu that allows you to reboot the server:AT_121017_MPbgL3Li
    2. Re-installOS reinstall menu. Allows you to pick the system settings: AT_121017_cYuPEoX_
      1. Customize installation. Checking this mark allows you to determine the disk layout.
    3.  NetbootMenu that allows you to boot the server from the network storage:AT_121017_NJvBN098
  4. Incidents. A log of incidents with the server (maintenance etc.)AT_121017_LOLoHKjW
  5. FTP backup. A monitoring tool for the FTP storage. You can also access your backups here.AT_121017_1ysBSR2E
  6. Manage IPs. Allows you to check your IP address, as well as change the virtual MAC-addresses, PTR-records etc.AT_121017_a5J5P5OX
  7. IPMI. Here you can download the Java-applet to access the server via IPMI.AT_121017_IIlWFtgI