You can manage your hosting service directly via the Unihost Workroom! Connect addons, monitor the traffic and use convenient shortcuts to the control panel.

In order to get to the hosting management menu:

  1. Log into Unihost Workroom.
  2. Click Service > My Services on the Workroom Dashboard.01f9a2b8-7f6b-47c9-a415-59eaca2baf76
  3. Filter only the active services by clicking the button to the left and click Product management at the hosting service you want to manage.1da60df8-4d4f-4326-9b6e-d98988e9650e
  4. Access the settings and stats of your hosting. EN_031117_kqsGN7q6
    1. Stats for your account are located at the top of the page.
    2. At the bottom you can use shortcuts to cPanel.
    3. To the right is the action menu for the service, where you can switch the plans, connect an add-on or change passwords for cPanel and web-mail.