In Unihost Client Area you can set up and monitor the main functions of the VPS.

In order to access the VPS menu:

  1. Log into the Unihost Client Area.
  2. In the left sidebar click Services > Products/services.01f9a2b8-7f6b-47c9-a415-59eaca2baf76
  3. Select your VPS and press Manage product.1da60df8-4d4f-4326-9b6e-d98988e9650e

In this menu, you can see:

  1. Your pricing plan
  2. The hostname of your VPS
  3. Your primary IP-address
  4. The server’s status
  5. The amount of traffic processed last month.

Also, you can manage the server from here (6):

  1. Reboot 
  2. Shutdown
  3. Boot
  4. VNC


Lower you can see additional information:

  1. Server’s IP-address
  2. Server configuaration info, for example the amount of additional IPs and whether or not you are using the Premium Server Administration.
  3. Your billing information: the cost of your VPS and your billing cycle.