Addons expand upon the already purchased Unihost services. You can either pick them during your initial purchase or access them via the Client Area.

  1. Log into the Client Area.
  2. Click Services > View Available Addons.AT_121017_z7TEj9X5

After pressing the Order Now button, you can pick the service to which the addon will be applied.

Currently, there are following addons:

  • ISPmanager 5 Lite. A user-friendly control panel for a single dedicated or virtual server. 
  • ISPmanager 5 Business. A user-friendly control panel for an array of virtual servers. Commonly used in the virtual hosting.
  • Premium administration (1 hour). Unihost tech support for one hour, to solve a single incident (a single incident can contain more than one task).
  • Premium administration (30 days). Unihost tech support for 30 days, to solve 3 incidents.
  • SSL certificate installation. Managed SSL certificate installation. You still have to acquire all the data necessary to issue the certificate, but Unihost will handle the rest.