Unihost’s technical support service works 24/7.

Responsibilities of Unihost’s technical support service

  • To react to issues that disrupt the hosting services:
    • e-mail
    • MySQL
    • Apache
    • FTP
    • SSH
  • To provide information on hosting’s settings.
  • To enable caching and bandwidth limits on the accounts that are under DDoS attack.
    • Also can be applied to accounts that are causing an excessive ammounts of stress naturally and disrupt the operation of other accounts on the same server.
  • To block accounts without notification, if they send spam or violate both international and local legislation.
  • To notify clients about planned servers’ maintenance.

Unihost’s technical support service does not:

  • Install or setup scripts and software, even if the customer is not able to do so on their own.
  • Change settings that can be changed by the customer in the hosting control panel.
  • Support people and organizations that are not customers of Unihost.com.
  • Change settings of the shared hosting server based on the customer’s wishes. If the customer requires some specific server setup, they are welcome to purchase a dedicated server or a VPS.
  • Setup software on the customer’s PC.
  • Educate customers on how to use their PC or software.
  • Answer questions not related to the Unihost.com service.

Ticket processing regulations

  • Technical support is granted based on a ticket submitted via Help Desk or sent to [email protected].
  • Sales department can be reached by a ticket submitted via Help Desk or sent to [email protected].
  • If the customer is unsatisfied with the service, they should write to the management email [email protected].
    • The letter must contain the number of the problematic ticket.
    • The response to such letter will be given in three days time.
  • All other means of communication with sales department or technical support (phone, online chat etc.) are not official. All conversation on them is considered consultation.
  • Tickets are processed in the order of their submission. The response time depends on the difficulty of the issue and the load on the support department.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions will be given as a link to the corresponding page on Unihost.com.

How to write a good ticket

  • Before you contact the technical support staff, check if your issue can be solved by searching the Knowledge Base. If the problem is similar to the one described there, but requires additional input, link the article in the Knowledge Base to the ticket.
  • Prepare your question, think it through. Simple questions will get you simple answers.
  • Ask sensible, detailed questions. Describe all symptoms of the issue you are facing, as well as what have you been doing before it arose.