Rescue mode is used to troubleshoot the server. In this mode, instead of the normal OS, the server is booted with a special OS that has diagnostic and recovery tools already built in.

How to access the Rescue mode

In order to access the rescue mode on Unihost servers:

  • Log into the Client Area,  Services > My services.
  • Choose the server you need and click Manage product.
  • Go to the Power menu.
  • Click Netboot.
  • Click Rescue.
  • Go back to Power.
  • Click Reboot.

After that, the server will reboot into the Rescue mode and you will receive an email with the access data for the server.

Hardware Check

After switching the server to the Rescue mode, go to http://IP.OF.YOUR.SERVER:81/. Log in with the login and password you received in the e-mail and you will access the hardware check interface.

Here you can check:

  • Hard drives. Their quantity and SMART stats. You can run separate tests to determine the state of hardware and the file system. Also, here you can see and download any server files.
  • RAM. This test also involves the CPU, so if it crashes or ends without a result, you should run the CPU test next. If it passes — the problem is with RAM.
  • CPU. If the server doesn’t see all CPUs and their cores, or the test ends in a crash, then the CPU has an issue.

If some component doesn’t pass the test — contact Unihost support. You could create a ticket directly, in order to speed up the process, but you can also simply write us in chat or give us a call.

Rescue-Pro via SSH

When the server is in the Rescue Pro mode, you can connect to SSH. To do this, you need a login and a password that had been sent to you once you accessed the Rescue mode. In this mode, the original OS of your server is not used at all, which makes it the best way to fix the OS-level issues or at least backup the important files.

IMPORTANT. Once you are connected, you will have to mount all the discs on the server, for example with  mount /dev/xda1 /mnt/, where x and 1 — are the type and the number of your drive on the server.

Leaving the Rescue mode

In order to quit the Rescue mode on the Unihost servers:

  • Log into the Client Area Services > My services.
  • Choose the server you need and click Manage product.
  • Go to the Power menu.
  • Click Netboot.
  • Click Boot from the HDD.
  • Go back to Power.
  • Click Reboot.