In the Client Area you can edit the account owner’s personal data, change the CA language, currency and other settings.

How to edit the account owner’s personal data

  • Log into the Client Area.
  • On the main page, in the top right click Update.DS_011117_c6facb
  • Update or edit your personal data:DS_011117_d81efb
  • Click Save Changes.

How to create a subaccount supports subaccounts — a way to delegate responsibilities of managing Unihost account to a different person, for example your accountant or system administrator.

To create a subaccount:

  • Log into CA.
  • On the main page click New contact.DS_011117_f1224b
  • Fill the form with the sub-account’s personal data.
  • Tick Activate the sub-account mark. Type in your new password and confirm it. Choose the permissions for the subaccount and it’s level of mail access. Click Save Changes.DS_011117_ca2322

How to change the invoice currency 

To change the invoice currency, click the arrow in the upper right of the CA, next to the current currency and pick the one you need.

How to change the language of the Client Area

Click the button called Choose Language in the CA footer and pick from Russian, Ukrainian and EnglishDS_011117_8144d4

How to see the Unihost e-mails

Unihost CA makes copies of all e-mails we send to your e-mail. So if you have deleted any e-mail, you can always check out its copy on To do this, click your name on the upper left of the CA and click Email History.DS_011117_5931a5

How to change the password for Client Area

In order to change the password for the Client Area:

  • Click on your name in the upper left of the Client Area and click Change password.
  • Click Change password in the right menu.
  • Fill in your current password and new password, confirm your new password and click Save Changes.DS_011117_804b4f