MediaWiki is a free open source wiki software which is written in PHP and allows everyone to create their own wiki sites.

1. Install operating system packages

# dnf install httpd php php-mysqlnd php-gd php-xml mariadb-server mariadb php-mbstring php-json

2. Database configuration

# systemctl start mariadb
# systemctl enable mariadb

Secure MariaDB and log in to it:

# mysql_secure_installation
# mysql -u root -p

Create the database and database user:

> CREATE DATABASE wiki_database; 
> CREATE USER 'wiki_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD';

Grant privileges to newly created DB:

>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wiki_database.* TO 'wiki_user'@'localhost';

3. Apache configuration

Create a virtual host

# cd /etc/httpd/conf.d
# nano domain.conf
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www/
ErrorLog /var/www/
CustomLog /var/www/ combined

Start Apache and enable it so that will automatically start after a reboot

# systemctl start httpd
# systemctl enable httpd

Create a folder document root where files will be stored.

# mkdir -p /var/www/

Grant permissions

# chown -R apache: /var/www/

Download the lates MediaWiki

# wget

Untar the package

# tar zxvf mediawiki-1.34.0.tar.gz

Move files to website folder

# mv mediawiki-1.34.0/* /var/www/

Now Open the web browser type your domain name
Hit the «complete the installation» link

Choose the language

Setup check, click on Continue

Define the database

Click on Continue

Define name of administrator account

Click on Continue to finish installation

Installation is completed. Now download “LocalSettings.php” file and place it under the document root (/var/www/

Now click on enter your wiki

Click on Log In . Enter the Admin Credentials that we have set during the installation.

Your own MediaWiki installation, ready for use.