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Hosting projects of any kinds

  • Unihost is a team of professionals who will happily manage your project and will do everything possible to ensure that it works smoothly.
  • We provide dedicated servers for hosting, streaming, stores and processing large amount of data. We currently offer more than 300 configuration options in Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
  • Server management by all means — we do perform tasks of any complexity, from basic server setup to 24/7 monitoring. Basic management is provided for free with each server.

Dedicated servers all over the world

  • online stores
  • enterprises
  • media portals
  • resellers
  • streaming services

Forget about compromises and pick out of 300 servers of all kinds in Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. You can trust the server management and maintenance to our team, we will fix all issues before they even become noticeable.


Server management

  • basic setting
  • project transfer
  • monitoring
  • knowledge base
  • round-the-clock
  • consultations

Stop wasting your time and resources on server maintenance! Just write a ticket to the Unihost support and we will do everything by ourselves. We will install the OS, services, modules and control panels, scan the server for viruses and remove them, set up the anti-spam system, write necessary Bash and Powershell scripts, structure your network and consult you on any questions related to server maintenance.


Additional services

  • control panels
  • firewalls
  • backup storages

Also offering add-ons and software for dedicated servers:

  • Control panels. We provide ISPmanager 6 Lite control panel for free with each server. You can also purchase cPanel/WHM with a discount.
  • Hardware firewall. Set up your network defences the way you want with a Cisco ASA hardware firewall.
  • NAS. Connect up to 13 TB of your own network attached storage to a server.
  • vRack. Combine the servers and storages into a single encrypted virtual network to store and transfer confidential data.

Why Unihost is the best hosting company?


Replying in 30 seconds 24/7

We are working round-the-clock and will help with any questions on the phone, in chat, skype, telegram or by email. All simple issues are solved immediately, while the more complex ones get a ticket. We will not close the ticket until the customer has confirmed that the task is solved.


Convenient server management

Practically all servers can be accessed via KVM-over-IP, IPMI or iDrac for fast and convenient diagnostics and system setup. We also offer direct access to the basic server functions from the Unihost Client Area.


DDoS protection

We filter the traffic at a data center level and do not transfer the malicious packages to the servers. Your server will not waste its resources on processing a malicious activity.


Ready-to-go solutions

Offering the OS images with control panels and necessary software out-of-the-box. If you haven’t found a suitable image for your project, hit us up at [email protected] and we will find a solution for you.


Backup storage space for free

Each server comes with 100-500 GB external backup storage. The exact amount of storage space depends on the server location and line-up. Access to the storage can only be gained via the server itself via the encrypted network.


Free project transfer

If you migrate to Unihost from a different hosting company, we will transfer your project to our servers for free. All you need is to provide us with a detailed task at [email protected].


Gifts and discounts

Upon ordering services with longer billing cycles you gain Basic+ server management for free and additional discounts up to 5%.


More than 300 configurations

We constantly add new server configurations for different tasks. Unihost has everything — from budget solutions and up to powerful servers with Intel Xeon and GTX 1080. You will always find a configuration suitable for your project’s needs.


Fixed pricing

We do not have “special” offers that double the cost of the server a month later. You can easily plan the future of your project.

Unihost is a certified partner

The best technologies and reliable partners, everything for our customers

And many others: Seagate, nVidia, ModulesGarden, SolusVM, Juniper, Adaptec, APC, Oracle, Acronis, Supermicro, VirusDie, Tilera, HGST, Eaton, Brocade, SolusLab, Google (pagespeed module), SysLint (cpnginx), Softaculous.

Testimonials of our clients in global rankings

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