To transfer your domain to our service, you need to perform three simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are the owner of a domain. Only the domain owner (administrator) can request a domain transfer. An e-mail, which belongs to you should be indicated in WHOIS database, Administrative Contact field. Later on this address a message confirming the transfer of the domain will be sent. If the listed email is not yours, please, contact your previous Registrar and ask him to change the e-mail address.
  2. The domain name is not locked by your current Registrar.To check if the domain is locked or not you use WHOIS database also. If the status of your domain is REGISTRAR-LOCK, you have to contact your Registrar and ask him to unlock the domain. The status can also be CUSTOMER-LOCK, it means that the domain has been blocked by the owner. In this case, you are able to unblock your domain by yourself.
  3. You have all the necessary documents for the domain transfer The rules of the domain transfer generally are alike, but have some differences in details. In the application to transfer .org .info .biz .in, .us, .mobi domains you have to enter a special authorization number (e.g., 7777773е55), you may get it from the previous domain Registrar. For .ru domains you have to apply in paper form together with a copy of the passport.To transfer .cn domain write your name in the application form. Note that in some domains zones (like .ws and some others) domain transfer is forbidden.

Please, see the rules before you apply for the domain transfer service.

Instruction how to transfer the domain from the previous Registrar to Unihost.

  1. Tell your previous Registrar about your plan to transfer the domain to Unihost. He is obliged to give you a special code that is needed to confirm the domain transfer.

  2. Enter a request to transfer a domain on our website If you are going to transfer the domain name to .cn zone, write your name in the application form.
  3. Pay for “Domain Transfer” service, automatically the domain name will renew for a year.
  4. The domain administrator will get an e-mail with the request to confirm the domain transfer. This request will be sent within 1 day after the payment.
    To confirm the request, click on the link in the email and enter the code given to you by the former Registrar.
  5. You will be able to manage and renew your domain in five to ten days after the procedure of domain transfer..
  6. After the domain transfer your DNS records are not changed, your domain will be attached to the same DNS servers as before. If you want to use our DNS servers, you need to edit the existing NS records on the following:, via the domain control panel. Then you need to configure a new DNS record.

A domain transfer is impossible, if it passed less than 60 days from the domain name registration or from the date of his last transfer.

Also we can’t transfer the domain if it is in the proceedings (on a domain claimed by third parties).

We highly recommend that you start the domain transfer procedure no later than 14 days before the expiry date of the domain delegation. A domain transfer is impossible, if the term of his delegation ends earlier than 10 days from the date of application for transfer.

The application will be canceled if you do not confirm the domain transfer within 5 days from the date when you get the notification that the domain transfer is permitted.