Unihost domain transfer procedure is rather simple:

  1. Inform your previous registrar that you intend to transfer the domain to us. If they request the ID, send them:
    1. for all gTLDs (.com, .org, .info, .tree, .bank etc.)
      1. ONLINENIC, INC.
      2. 555833
    2. for .ru, .su, .рф, .kz:
      1. Joint-Stock Company “Регистратор Р01”
      2. R01-RU
      3. Contract ID (-MNT-R01)  258421-MNT-GP
    3. for .biz.ua, .co.ua, .net.ua, .dn.ua, .kh.ua, .kr.ua, .lg.ua, .lt.ua, .lviv.ua, .volyn.ua, .sm.ua, .zp.ua, .УКР, .zt.ua, .pp.ua:
      1. «Сервіс Онлайн» Ltd.
      2. organization-loc drs.ua
    4. for dp.ua
      1. «НПП “ТРАЙФЛ» Ltd.
      2. organization-loc nic.dp.ua
    5. for other Ukrainian domains (.ua)
      1. ua.hostservice
      2. organization Online Development LLC
      3. organization-loc ТОВ “Онлайн Девелопмент” http://unihost.com/
  2. Request a domain transfer code (auth-code / transfer-code / transfer secret / EPP-code) from your current registrar, as well as the code for accessing the confidential data (necessary only for the Ukrainian domain zones that have anonimization enabled)
  3. Request a domain transfer at unihost.com:
    1. Make sure that you have included the domain name you wish to transfer, so that we could check if the transfer is possible at the moment.
    2. Confirm your choice.
    3. Sign up (or log in).
    4. Pay for the Domain transfer service. Take note, that the transfer price includes the domain renewal for one year, except for the .ru or .рф domains, where the transfer is a separate paid service.
    5. After we have processed your request, you will receive an email with a description of what exactly we need you to do.

*WARNING! *Before you request a transfer, make sure that:

  1. You are the domain owner.
  2. It has been at least 60 days since you have registered the domain. For the .ru,.su,.kz,.рф, domains, the limit is 30 days.
  3. The domain has at least 10 days left before the end of the DELEGATED domain status (is not necessary for the Ukrainian domains).
  4. The domain is not locked by the current registrar. You can check this in the WHOIS database.
    1. If the domain status is registrar-Lock / client-Hold / clientTransferProhibited, , talk to your registrar and ask them to unlock the domain.
    2. If the domain status is customer-Lock, then the domain has been locked by the owner and you can unlock it via the Control Panel of your registrar, or ask their support team to do this.