How to choose a domain name?

  1. A domain name should be short and memorable.The shorter the domain, the easier it is to type in the browser address bar. Quite often, the reduction or the abbreviation would be more appropriate domain name than the full name. But unfortunately, almost all two-and three-letter domains are already taken. At the same time you should not keen on cuts, not to get just a set of symbols. A domain name should carry a meaning, then it will be easier to remember.
  2. A domain name should be easy to read and pronounce.Use well-known and easy to understand words for a domain name. Avoid ambiguous writing of a single word. For example, the letter «x» in Latin can be written as «h» or «kh». If there is the possibility of writing a different domain, register a few options. This saves you from having to specify exactly how should write domain.
  3. Domain must match the site subject.Try to bind the domain name to the the site subject, so you can have the title that will help to easily guess the site content. For example, – site about sports in Ukraine, – musical oriented site, – Microsoft’s website.
  4. Appropriate domain zone.Choose a domain zones, based on the target audience and the geographic scope of your website. If your activities are focused on the Ukrainian market, it is logical that the top-level domain is .ua. If you are interested in a particular city, such as Kiev, you should choose a domain For international projects suitable domains will be .com or .net. Also pay attention to the domains related to your thematic directions, such as DJs, musicians, TV people fit domains dj, fm, cd, tv.
  5. Uniqueness.Try to come up with a unique name that is not similar to others, and especially to the domains of your competitors. For example, and can be mixed very easily.To whom in the end it will be profitable remains to be seen. Especially because the owners of the domain previously registered may lay claims or even sue the owner of a similar domain.

If you want to find out information about an already registered domain or check if your invented domain is not occupied, you should use the WHOIS service. Using WHOIS you can find out the name of the site administrator, postal address, e-mail (electronic mail address), date of registration and expiration date of the domain name registration.

Details and prices on domains can be found on page Domain registration. Hope, now you have no doubts how to choose a domain name.